Safariland's RR CQLR 1-4X24, or Rapid Reticle Close Quarters Long Range, with illuminated reticle is one of the company's newest offerings in optics. The scope is calibrated to be used with 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington) or 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) cartridges. The reticle is designed to be accurate from zero to 600 yards once the scope-rifle combination is zeroed.

The illuminated reticle has stadia marks and a dot/circle for aiming and making your corrections at various distances. When zeroed at 25 yards, point of impact should be approximately 1.75 inches below center to be zeroed at 100; verify this. A three-inch dot is suggested at this distance.

I mounted the RR CQLR to my SiG 556 to see if this scope is all that it is claimed to be. I zeroed the scope using the 1/4 MOA adjustments of the easily read and operated target-style turrets. The scope was easily zeroed and the turrets positively clicked for each adjustment.

The CQLR was easy to use and gave a sharp, clear image. Once it was zeroed, I was quickly hitting and shooting solid groups out to 200 yards (that is the longest shot at my club). Because it was hazy and cloudy, I used the illuminated reticle and I was impressed by how clear it is.

Over the last couple of years I have become a big fan of 1-4 or 6 power scopes on a duty carbine. They give the operator fast optics for CQB and accuracy at moderate (50 yards) to longer duty ranges (150 yards and out). Safariland's RR CQLR 1-4X24 is one of the best of this breed. I would readily use one on a duty or match carbine.

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Under Armour: Blackout Gloves

One of the items I use year round on or off duty is a good pair of gloves. I define good as providing good dexterity, good tactile feel, and keeping my hands warm in most conditions. I was sold on flight gloves when I was a young airman in the Air Force, and for years they were my preferred piece of gear to protect my hands.

Late this spring I came upon gloves from Under Armour, and I was immediately impressed with the Tactical Blackout Glove. It's made from Cabretta leather featuring Heat Zone flex areas to control heat and for moisture (aka sweat). Also, parts of the palm are injected with foam to reduce vibration and shock. The gloves are wrist length and secure with hook-and-loop closures.

Under Armour's Tactical Blackouts give a solid purchase on long guns or handguns, yet they don't keep me from reloading magazines or using a writing instrument. These gloves fit well and kept my hands comfortable in the chill of spring here in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Under Armour's Tactical Blackout Gloves are available in black or desert sand. The UA logo is tone on tone so you cannot see it from a distance. These gloves will work well in most parts of the country for three seasons. And with a price under $40 they won't break the bank.

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Boyt Harness: Tactical Gear Bag

When it comes to duty gear, one thing I can never have enough of is quality bags. We use them every day to carry our daily use gear, set them up for roll out/call out bags, store gear, or when we need to pack for a trip. Many companies offer them, but finding a quality bag that's affordably priced is another story.

Boyt Harness, a longtime manufacturer of quality bags for shotgunners, recently entered the law enforcement market in a big way with hard cases, backpacks, bags, weapons cases, and pouches.

I chose to look at the company's Tactical Gear Bag, which provides 2,574 cubic inches of storage space. Since this is a big payload, the handles wrap the bag as do the attachment points for shoulder straps to ensure that your gear stays put. This system reinforces the bottom and sides of the bag and allows the bag to take a beating and not rip open.

For ease of access the main body zipper-with large, easily grasped zipper pulls-completely opens the bag. Two front pockets stow small gear, while the back pocket is large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop or rain parka. 

Boyt Harness makes carrying this bag easier with handles that are wrapped and secured with hook-and-loop closures. You also have the option of using two shoulder straps to carry it as a shoulder bag or a backpack.

Priced under $100 and available in black, ACU, desert tan or green, the Boyt Tactical Gear Bag will carry all the gear you need for a day on the job or weekend training seminar.

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Scott Smith is a former federal police officer for the Department of Veteran's Affairs and a contributing editor to POLICE.