With all of the duty holsters available today, it's amazing to think the only option for police officers used to be black leather. Now there's also laminate, nylon, and all manner of synthetics. For finish there's basketweave, plain, or high gloss. Not to mention increasingly innovative retention devices in holsters from level 1 to 3.

Here's a selection of holsters for duty carry encompassing all of these variations.

5.11 Tactical Revolution Holster

5.11’s Revolution Holster is a secure level 1 retention holster, producing an audible click as your sidearm seats. With the look, feel, and fit of a custom holster, the resilient Revolution Holster offers high-impact strength and withstands variable weather conditions beyond 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the special slick-surface polymer doesn’t wear the finish of your gun. A positive lock trigger guard and adjustable tension screws are standard. Each holster comes with an adjustable belt loop and paddle. Crafted in the United States, the Revolution Holster is right-handed, comes in 14 styles, and accommodates 30 gun models.

BlackHawk SERPA Auto Lock Duty Level 3

Blackhawk’s SERPA Auto Lock Duty Level 3 retention holster uses your natural drawing motion to release the weapon. When you re-holster, the SERPA Auto Lock System provides immediate security to increase officer safety. The holster is strengthened by injection-molded carbon fiber composite construction, yet it is light in weight. Your weapon will stay secure because there are no snaps or hoods that will accidentally open. You can use the same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty assignments. This holster can be used with BlackHawk’s new SERPA Quick Disconnect System to switch among duty, concealed, and tactical carry.

DeSantis Holster and Leather Goods Chek-Mate Duty Holster 003

This is one of the strongest level II duty holsters available. It is built from premium black saddle leather and high-strength polymers. The passive knuckle break in conjunction with the Redi-Lok mechanism, allows for a safe, rapid draw. The Redi-Lok facilitates quick re-holstering with the first level of security working automatically. The DeSantis style 003 features a Border Patrol-style belt hanger that will accommodate most 2- to 2.25-inch duty belts and has a polymer sight track. The Chek-Mate is currently available for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, and 36 models.

Don Hume Leathergoods Jacket Slot Style Security Holster

With the aid of Don Hume’s new HRTL (hidden retention trigger lock) locking device, the company’s Jacket Slot Style Level 2 Security holster automatically secures a gun as it’s re-holstered. A retention lock enters the trigger guard so the gun will rest safe and secure. To activate simply release the low-profile thumb break and continue moving thumb downward to release the secondary trigger guard release. With a shooter’s grip, simply lift the gun straight up. To re-holster, insert gun, and push down to be sure the trigger guard lock is in place, securing the gun. A thumb break snap provides extra security.

Gould & Goodrich K-Force Model 320

The K-Force Model 320 from Gould & Goodrich is a double retention duty holster. It features a compact body and tough molded sight protector and patented mid-ride belt loop that will not ruin your duty belt. If assaults from the rear occur, dual trigger guard locks provide ample protection. Release is quick and easy with the forward-then-up draw. Wraparound construction with molded polymer laminate holds its shape with durability and still looks like fine leather. Smooth wicking suede lining protects the gun. The holster’s design was created in collaboration with one of Gould & Goodrich’s law enforcement agency clients.

Safariland Model 6360

Safariland’s Model 6360 holster features Safariland’s Automatic Locking System and SLS rotating hood design for a smooth draw and greater protection against gun grabs. An internal locking device retains the weapon in all directions when the SLS is open. Once the weapon is holstered, it "locks" into place. The Model 6360 is completely operable with the thumb, making it very instinctive to use. Once the retention devices are released, the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster with no twisting or other motion required. The 6360 can also accommodate weapons with tactical lights.

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement EVO3 Triple Retention Holster

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement presents the new EVO3 Triple Retention Holster for light-bearing pistols. To make sure the firearm stays locked in place until it’s meant to be drawn, the holster comes with three-way security. The holster’s internal locking system provides a snug fit by engaging the ejection port and a spring-loaded retention hood. With just a touch of the finger, the locking device can be released, but stays inaccessible to everyone but the user. A modular design makes it easy to convert to a non-light-bearing configuration. This model is now ready for the Glock 17 and Glock 22 pistols.

Tuff Products Tuff GripPro2 (Level 2) Duty Holster

The ProGrip-2 Dual Retention Duty Holster from Tuff Products delivers speed and safety. A quick and simple draw stroke is all it takes to produce your weapon. The firearm is held fast by a retention strap (thumb break) and a traditional tension screw device. Plus, an internal detent engages the trigger guard. It’s available in basketweave, plain, and ballistic nylon. It’s available for the Glock 17, 19, 22, and 23; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 and 40, and the SIG Sauer .226 and .225/.228.