C More Systems' Tactical sight is designed to meet the requirements of a sight for daily duty use. The sight, a tubeless heads-up model designed to mount on a flat top AR, comes with an A2-type iron sight so the dot and iron sights can be co-witnessed. It offers six different dot sizes, and its electronic guts can really take a pounding.

I mounted the C More Tactical on my DPMS M4. Unlike standard M4s, mine has a flip-up front sight. I was concerned this would not mate up with the A2-type sights. This fear was put to rest after a magazine full of ammunition, and the iron sights were zeroed. The dot was zeroed after five more rounds.

The C More Tactical fit my M4 like a champ. I liked the way the sight was low to the bore axis. This gives the operator a solid consistent cheek weld. The C More worked well for snap shots at five yards and when I settled down and took some time, five-shot groups offhand at 100 yards were no problem.

If your agency issues M4s or other versions of an AR-15, check out the C More Tactical sight. It continues the company's legacy of producing versatile, rugged, and reasonably priced weapon optics.

Pro Ears: Predator 300P

Often times we overlook protecting one of the most important senses we have: hearing. Granted we consider wearing ear plugs or head sets when on the training range, but how often are our ears considered in the planning of a raid, when we are working around the constant noise of a construction site on a traffic detail, or working on a waterborne unit in front of a roaring outboard motor. All of these types of duty can stress your hearing and make it difficult for you to share or receive important information.

Pro Ears has addressed this problem with its Predator 300P, hearing protection that allows you to hear normal conversation. When a gunshot or other loud sound occurs, the noise-compression circuit shuts the unit down for a millisecond to protect the wearer's hearing.

The 300P has a redesigned ear cup that fits and feels better than the earlier Pro Ears cups. Even when wearing glasses-prescription , sunglasses, or shooting glasses-the ear cups still fit and feel good. This is a claim that very few other hearing protectors can make.

Propper: Tac.U Uniform

At this year's SHOT Show, Propper introduced the TAC.U (Tactical Uniform) for law enforcement. The Propper TAC.U is based on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU), which makes sense as Propper is an aftermarket vendor for that uniform.

While the TAC.U and ACU are very similar, they are also very different. The Propper Tactical Uniform is more durable, will wear better, and will look better longer because it is 65 percent polyester/35 percent cotton vs. the 50 percent nylon/50 percent cotton construction of the ACU.

The TAC.U pants, unlike the ACU pants, feature Propper's branded gripper waistband. This keeps the uniform shirt tucked in and looking good. It also aids in keeping your pants up, which can be an issue when wearing a loaded down duty belt. The TAC.U pants also feature a convenient zipper fly vs. the more traditional button fly on the ACUs.

The TAC.U jacket differs from its ACU sibling in very minor but helpful ways. It's longer so it stays tucked in. This can also aid in concealing items on your belt should the need arise. For comfort, the back of the TAC.U jacket is vented, which allows for a greater range of motion without binding. And while it might seem like a minor thing, the left forearm has pen pockets, so you can keep a writing implement close at hand even when wearing a raid vest or body armor.

For duty wear the TAC.U pants offer tactical and K-9 officers loads of pockets for various pieces of gear. The lower leg pockets are handy for K-9 rewards and for carrying various small items. From what the local K-9 officers tell me these pants are great.