Call me skeptical or overly practical when it comes to gear, but I have played with a lot of it over the years, and I’ve learned to ask myself one question before I commit to it: Will this thing make my job easier and help me accomplish my mission?

Let’s keep this question in mind while we discuss Beretta’s new Pistol Tool. First of all, it should be stressed that even though this tool was designed specifically for use on Beretta pistols, it’s really quite versatile. I found that it works very well with other makes of handguns, a carbine, a shotgun, and it also did the job on loose screws for mounting brackets and racks.

OK. So this pocket tool for pistols is great at multi-tasking. But does it do the job it was designed for? Absolutely.

This is a well-designed device. For example, most pocket tools don’t have the proper size bits required for working on small sight screws or grip screws. But the Beretta Pistol Tool has driver heads that specifically fit the screws of handguns.

And that’s not the end of the useful tools included in this device. One of the tools that I have used many times when working on firearms is a file. However, most pocket tool files are useless for this work because they are too coarse. Beretta’s new Pistol Tool addresses this problem by making the file two-sided with a fine and a coarse side.

The Beretta Pistol Tool’s pliers also impressed me. Many pocket tools that have passed through my hands had jaws that didn’t mate evenly. The jaws of the Beretta Pistol Tool’s pliers meet firmly, evenly, and provide a good gripping surface. The wire cutter portion of the pliers mates evenly and snuggly as well and can readily be used to shave the smallest radio wire insulation.

Beretta even expanded the Pistol Tool’s capabilities by making one of its fold-out tools a 1/4 -inch drive socket. This means you can stop at your favorite home improvement store and add new sizes of screwdrivers, torz heads, or Allen wrenches to this kit.

The Beretta Pistol Tool also adds a fold-out tool not found on many other pocket tools: a pair of scissors. This might seem unnecessary because the Pistol Tool also includes a sharp partially serrated knife blade. But have you ever tried to neatly trim something with a knife?

All of the Beretta Pistol Tool’s foldout blades lock into place. This helps to prevent you from cutting your fingers when a blade closes accidentally and that’s a very nice safety feature.

The Pistol Tool also includes a small pick. You may wonder why a multi-tool needs such an item. Well, let me say that it can be indispensable.

While working on this review, I was testing a pistol that I had just repaired. For some reason, it would not lock into battery. After carefully disassembling the blaster, I found a piece of brass shaving had lodged into the lock lugs. This little pick made short work of removing the chunk of metal and the problem was solved. The Pistol Tool’s pick is also the right size to push in the plunger on a 1911 when reassembling it.

The Beretta Pistol Tool and all of its accessories are secured by a well made Cordura belt carrier. There are pouches for the tool, the pick, and the accessory bits. This belt carrier keeps everything at hand on your belt or in a range bag.

If you are looking for a new piece of gear specifically for use on the range, the Beretta Pistol Tool is the way to fly. It is compact, well made, designed by gunsmiths to support handguns, and you may even use it for odd jobs around the house.

Scott Smith is a disabled veteran who served as an active duty Army MP and in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard as a security policeman.