When the Cincinnati Police Department decided to equip all of its patrol officers with X26 Tasers, department brass had to establish policy for use of the conductive weapons. After studying the research assembled by Specialist John Rose, Chief Thomas Streicher Jr. decided that the Cincinnati PD would place Tasers right after verbal commands in the department’s force continuum.

Policy requires that all Taser deployments must be investigated by a supervisor who responds to the scene, interviews all parties, and submits a written report on the incident with photographs and all related reports. All Taser incidents must be reviewed by district/section commanders, bureau commanders, and the inspections section, which submits its reports to the chief.

The following is a list of some Taser incidents involving officers of the Cincinnati PD:

  • On 8/13/04, officers were conducting a drug investigation when one of the subjects stood up and grabbed his waistband with his right hand. The subject fled from the scene. The subject refused to stop and after warning the subject, the officers deployed the Taser. The subject was handcuffed without further incident. The subject was armed with a firearm.
  • On 8/13/04, officers responded to a report of a suicidal female with a knife. The suicidal subject was intoxicated, had already cut herself on her right arm, and put the knife to her throat. The officer deployed the Taser, immobilizing the subject. The officers were then able to recover the knife and handcuff the subject.
  • On 9/1/04, officers received information from a confidential informant that a subject was involved in a drug transaction. As officers approached the subject, he fled on foot. Officers pursued and the subject reached toward the left side of his waistband. Officers utilized the Taser and when the subject fell to the ground, a loaded .38 revolver fell out of his waistband. The subject was handcuffed without further incident.
  • On 9/2/04, an officer investigated an assault in progress. One subject was advancing on another swinging a knife. The officer ordered the subject to drop the knife and was ignored. The officer deployed her Taser and was able to take the knife-wielding subject into custody.
  • On 9/21/04, in the area of 3626 Reading Road, officers stopped a subject for criminal trespassing. The subject fled to a vehicle and was able to drive away. The subject’s vehicle stalled on Reading Road. The subject attempted to run, was warned of pending Taser deployment, ignored the warning, and the Taser was deployed, gaining compliance. The subject had discarded a firearm during the foot pursuit.
  • On 10/13/04, Officers developed information a subject was attempting to illegally sell a firearm. The officers approached the subject, the subject fled on foot, and officers warned of impending Taser use. The Taser was deployed, striking the subject, and apparently did not have an effect due to several layers of clothing. However, the subject pulled a Glock 9mm handgun from his waistband and discarded it while fleeing. The officers caught the subject and handcuffed him without further incident.
  • On 10/18/04, officers stopped a subject for a traffic violation. The subject moved around in the car and reached under the seat as officers approached. The subject was ordered out of the car. The subject lunged at one of the officer when he exited the car, striking the officer in the chest, and then fled on foot. The officers caught the subject and used a drive stun to achieve compliance. A 9mm handgun was recovered from the center console of the car.
  • On 11/18/04, officers responded to a report of an assault. Upon arrival outside the apartment, they knocked, announced themselves, and did not get a response. The officers heard the sounds of a fight inside the apartment. The door was not locked and the officers entered the apartment. They observed a male subject standing over a female when they entered a bedroom. The officers ordered the male subject to stop and he moved toward a handgun on the night table. One officer deployed his Taser, immobilizing the subject. He was arrested and the handgun recovered.
  • On 11/18/04, officers responded to the Free Store to assist the University Hospital Psychiatric Unit. The Unit’s Mobile Crisis Team was on the scene requesting a subject be transported to the emergency room. The subject threatened the Crisis workers and when ordered to submit to handcuffing, lunged at one of the workers. An officer deployed her Taser, immobilizing the subject, who was then handcuffed without further incident.