Best Practices After the Vehicle Pursuit Ends

Updated May 18, 2023
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Vehicle pursuits can be both stressful and often dangerous for pursuing officers. As varied as pursuits can be, likewise, there is some variability in how they come to an end. Maybe the pursuit concludes through an officer’s intervention, loss of control by the fleeing driver, a collision with another vehicle, or maybe it even transitions to a foot pursuit with multiple suspects.

With the variety of outcomes possible, what are the officer-safety considerations to be aware of during each scenario? How can officers adjust their approach to each different pursuit ending?

In this special webinar presentation Mike Willis, US Deputy Sheriff’s Association national training and program director; Trooper Daniel O’Brien, Colorado Highway Patrol lead driving instructor; and Ronald Betley, education consultant for tactical curriculum, State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement Services / Training and Standards; will discuss the best approach to each scenario.

We’ll discuss:

  • Immediate armed opposition, later opposition
  • Treating the end of the pursuit like a felony/high-risk traffic stop
  • Dialing emotions back at the end of the pursuit
  • Coordination with other pursuit officers and agencies.
  • Bush bond, transition to foot pursuit of suspect/suspects
  • Approaching a damaged suspect vehicle where the officer’s view of the suspect is blocked.
  • Balancing officer safety when rendering aid to injured suspect, suspects, officers, or civilians.
  • Managing MVA between suspect vehicle and civilian vehicle with injuries.
  • Securing suspects for officer and EMS safety, in particular, if they need extrication by fire/EMS.
  • Coordinating resources in the search for a suspect who escapes from the scene.

Meet the Speakers
Mike Willis
Mike Willis
National Training and Program Director
US Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Ronald Betley
Ronald Betley
Education Consultant for Tactical Curriculum
State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement Services / Training and Standards
Trooper Daniel O’Brien
Lead Driving Instructor
Colorado Highway Patrol

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