Fastest Ruggedized Notebook

A safe place to download crime-scene digital photos is important and a laptop is a handy method. Panasonic Personal Computer Company, long famous for their line of laptop, personal computers, has taken the “ruggedized” notebook to a new speed level. The Toughbook® CF-28, at 600 MHz, is the fastest “field” ready notebook in the industry. This magnesium-alloy, shock-and-water resistant computer features Panasonic’s new polymer shock damper, four times the water-resistance rating of previous models and the 13.3-inch Daybrite™ active-matrix LCD screen.

The redesigned chassis has water, dirt and dust-resistant sealed ports and multimedia drive bay. The CF-28 is resistant to water spray from the top, bottom and all sides at any spray angle and might even manage a spilled coffee! The case hinges have been redesigned to resist loosening even after thousands of hours of demanding field work.

The GPS-ready CF-28 features an optional integrated internal antenna system for maximum mobility, ease-of-operation and user productivity in geographical data collection and mapping applications, such as crime-scene documentation. The CF-28 also offers wireless LAN connectivity and the compact H.O.T.™ (High-gain, Omni-directional Telescopic) antenna rounds out the wireless package, letting a user be in constant contact with a base station or other wireless communications services available.

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