Multimedia Mapping for Crime Scenes

With “MediaMapper” from Red Hen Systems, Inc., investigators can document a crime scene (especially an extensive one) and link the photo locations to a GPS. Using the Red Hen technology, a map is then created on a computer, which highlights the photo locations. When a photo location icon is selected, the image taken at that point is brought onto the map.

This ability to conduct an accurate “real world” walk-through of a crime scene could be a powerful tool for investigators and prosecutors. When a crime occurs in a rural area or even an extensive scene in a city (such as a running gun battle or lengthy pursuit), each point of evidence can be documented with a digital still or video camera, the exact location noted on a hand-held GPS and a final map made. Reconstructing the events is a mouse-click away on a personal computer.

The Red Hen MediaMapper software can associate any digital file to a map location (such as records, photos or even voice recordings), can create on-line training scenarios, be used for public education or review incidents and arrests. A police agency could use MediaMapper to build databases for bank locations (with photos, etc.), schools (with photos of exits, access gates, etc.) or even tours of area stations for public relations

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