MK Ballistics Systems

MK Ballistics, a well-known name in the field of less-lethal projectiles, has a wide cross section of munitions available. From 12 gauge 40 Gram Bean Bag rounds at 230 fps and 300 fps to Rubber Fin Stabilized rounds at 500 fps, the 12 gauge line-up is full. Look for 37mm loads, running the gamut from Flexible Baton(tm), Wood Multi-Baton and Rubber Baton loads to Rubber Multi-Ball. The 40mm line offers the Elastomeric Baton, Flexible Baton(tm) Bean Bag and others. Be sure to take a look at their new less-lethal slide adapter for Beretta 92 pistols which allows it to fire specially chambered 12 gauge less-lethal ammo.
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