"Old Crime Cases Revived; New Technology Is County's Tool"

Hamilton County, Ohio, coroner Carl Parrott is attempting to link evidence to unsolved cases through new DNA tests and additional forensic technology. He plans to send a letter this week to law enforcement agencies in his county to get their assistance in determining what evidence might be helpful to them.

The DNA tests are vital to investigators since they can comprehend the individual "genetic fingerprint" found in a person's skin, hair, or bodily fluids. If that genetic material is linked to a suspect, that person can be connected to the crime. Parrott says most of the evidence he is storing is related to rape cases. He adds, he hopes to know by next month which of his list's cases could benefit from another look.

(Cincinnati Enquirer (06/03/00); courtesy of NLECTC Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology News Summary.)

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