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What truly sets all of T3 Motion's vehicles apart is an innovative "power management system."

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T3 Motion's new electric four-wheeled vehicle might be about the size of a golf cart, but that's where the similarities end. The new CT Series Micro Car is rugged like an automobile and energy efficient like its three-wheeled cousin, the T3. This makes it well suited for parking enforcement and patrol duties.

In keeping with T3 Motion's other professional products, CT Series is first being launched inn the law enforcement sector in advance of the consumer market. But what truly sets all of T3 Motion's vehicles apart is an innovative "power management system." In addition to hot swappable batteries, or "power modules," for continued use, this system has circuitry that interprets the speed of the vehicle and the total weight being carried to adjust power usage to maximize range and minimize recharge time.

"Given what we've learned with the T3 series, we were able to incorporate that technology into the CT series and can give it a really impressive range," says Brian Buccella, vice president of sales and marketing at T3 Motion.

The standard 35-mile-range E-type model uses a more traditional flooded electrolyte battery. However, the CT Series G-type and H-type utilize a lithium-ion polymer power module, which is much lighter and has a much faster recharge time. This allows the G-type to run for 45 miles and the H-type for 75 miles with a top speed of 25 or 35 miles per hour, depending on the package. "What that equates to at the 75-mile range is an entire shift of operation," says Buccella.

When it comes to the rest of the CT Series' parts, it's built like a car. Each model is fully enclosed and weatherized and comes with safety features such as a high-rigidity, all-aluminum frame crash tested to 30 miles per hour and optional air bags. Integrated regenerative braking and four-wheel independent disc brakes come standard, as do four-wheel independent MacPherson struts.

Options include emergency lighting, public address system, siren, MDVR, ALPR, e-Chalking, heated seats, a cooling fan, and a choice of left- or righthand drive. T3 Motion can also apply custom paint schemes and graphics to meet each agency's needs.

In these days of budget consciousness, one of the most important features of the CT Series Micro Car is its long-lasting ultra-efficient electric power module that can deliver a one-year return on investment.

"If you're looking at a cost-effective solution in terms of alternative fuel, the CT Series is a nice fit in terms of cost savings," says Buccella.

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