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Find a command center on wheels to meet your agency's needs.

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Farber Specialty Vehicles

For more than 25 years, Farber Specialty Vehicles has custom-built mobile units to the exact specifications of its customers, including NASA and the U.S. Marshals Service. Farber is devoted to offering flexibility in design, great warranties, an experienced service staff, and well built mobile command vehicles in a broad range of styles featuring the latest and most advanced technologies.


LDV designs and manufactures mobile command and communications vehicles leveraging the latest communications and technologies available. Typical configurations include four to six work stations; a galley and lavatory; a conference room; and an exterior work station with access to telephone, radio, and audio/video technology. LDV's In Command unit can be response ready in as few as 90 days. It includes Intel-I-Touch, LDV's exclusive single-touch power management and operating control system. Agencies can also select from more than 40 options that enhance mission capabilities.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Matthews Specialty Vehicles custom builds a wide range of public safety specialty vehicles, including command centers. The company offers a large selection of platforms including cutaway-style units, 102-inch-wide bodies, and transit-style vehicles. The company offers eight basic public safety vehicle styles that can be customized to agency specifications. The MSV Retrofit and Refurbishing Program gives customers even more options. Matthews can refurbish an older vehicle and restore it to like-new or take a vehicle that was used for one purpose and retrofit it to meet an agency's needs.

Meridian Specialty Vehicles

Meridian Specialty Vehicles, a 15-year-old specialty vehicle manufacturer formerly known as Bridger Fire Equipment, recently turned its focus toward refurbishing mobile command centers for re-sale and offering them as stock vehicles. Meridian's refurbished mobile command centers feature the exact same technology, components, durability, and overall quality of units on new chassis, but they sell for up to 70 percent less. The company completely customizes every vehicle with the client's specific needs driving their decisions. Meridian can also refurbish and update customers' existing mobile command centers.

Mobile Concepts by Scotty

Mobile command units from Mobile Concepts by Scotty can be built and designed as towable trailers, motorized vehicles, and tractor trailers. Floor plans can be modified to meet an agency's unique specifications. All that's needed is a list of requirements and a sketch of the agency's ideas to implement them in one of the company's existing designs. The company's design team focuses on an agency's unique needs, integrating state-of-the-art technology and communications capabilities with ease of operation and deployment.


Mohawk Mobile Command Centers are custom designed to fit each agency's unique applications. From 12 x 8-foot to 38 x 8.5-foot towable trailers, Mohawk creates custom units to fit each mission. In addition to communications equipment covering television, video, and satellite, larger units can accommodate areas for a conference table, generator compartment, bathroom, galley, and even an exterior observation deck.

Odyssey Automotive Specialty

Also known for its extensive line of vehicle cabinets, Odyssey Automotive Specialty converts and customizes vans, trucks, SUVs, and trailers to create mobile command centers as well as other emergency vehicles for public safety. The company can supply the base vehicle and equipment as well as the conversion, and can provide communications equipment if an agency prefers. The company strives to ensure that its customers receive the highest quality products for specific missions.

Supreme Specialty Vehicles

SSV builds mobile command center vehicles on various chassis. Whatever the specific needs are for your department's command center, the company's engineers will design the best solution with the right components, ensuring your incident response personnel have the best equipment when needed.

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