Hard Disk Backup or Expansion Capability

Laptops are increasingly common in the field, bouncing around in patrol cars, boats, air units and even motors. As data demands increase, the need to upgrade storage devices is a real threat. The Travel HDª Ultra-Mini PCMCIA, 1394/Firewire¨ and USB hard drives by Accurite Technologies, Inc., can make the upgrade fast and easy.

Weighing a mere 10 ounces and available with a battery pack or the ability to use the on-board laptop power supply, the Travel HD is offered in 12 Gb to 20 Gb and higher sizes, as drive technology evolves. The Travel HD offers data throughput significantly faster than external parallel interface or other removable storage devices.

These tough units can withstand up to 300 G’s while operating and incorporate drive-dampening to cushion the drive from the demands of the mobile office inside of a police car! The Travel HD can fit inside of a coat pocket and is optimal for use in the field. It’s an easy way to store or move large amounts of data quickly, safely and easily while on the go.

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