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Seattle Council Votes to Cut Police Budget 20%, Not 50% as Some Pledged

The council, in an 8-1 vote to retool Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 2021 budget with changes of their own, opted to cut the police budget by just under 20 percent.

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Washington Deputy Dies from Medical Emergency

A passerby called 911 at 6:16 a.m. after seeing Deputy Daryl Shuey, 57, unresponsive in a parking lot, according to a Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Washington Deputies Shot, One May Have Been Saved by Bullet Hitting Cellphone

The 55-year-old deputy--who was originally thought to have been shot in the back--suffered  abrasions and cuts when a cellphone he was carrying in a pocket was shattered by a bullet fired by a suspect, and the phone effectively slowed or stopped the bullet, police say.

Seattle Chief Says City Lacks Enough Officers to Maintain Safety

ven when I was pushing out our budget for next year with the city council, I was explaining the need for us to have people that are going through the academy, that are going through our FTO phase, and then being able to deploy them out,” Chief Adrian Diaz said.

Departing Seattle Officers Slam Local Politicians, Mayor Says Police are "Valued"

In one exit interview, an officer wrote, in part, “The City Council has made it apparent that maintaining adequate staffing to keep the city or the officers [safe] that work there is not a priority for them.”

Former Seattle Chief Takes Job as Local TV News Analyst

"At a time when we are reporting extensively on issues of law enforcement, our audiences will benefit from hearing her unique expertise and insider’s perspective,” KING 5 news director Pete Saiers said in a statement.

Man Sets Fire to Seattle Squad Car with Officer Inside

As the suspect was being arrested by backup officers, the car caught on fire from the piece of wood.

Seattle PD Sees "Mass Exodus" Amid Anti-Police Protests

The Seattle Police Department has reportedly lost more than 100 officers in recent weeks, the agency has recently confirmed.

Seattle Police Come Under Attack During Breonna Taylor Rioting

In a second night of unrest in cities across the country, protests that appeared to be mostly peaceful in daylight hours devolved into violence following the approach of night, with one officer in Seattle being attacked with a baseball bat by a rioter as other officers dodged fireworks being thrown at them by the unruly assembly.

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Seattle Officers Line Street as Chief Departs Agency

Best had served as SPD’s police chief since 2018, and has been with the department for 28 years, moving through the ranks as an officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and deputy chief.