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Speed Enforcement

Law Enforcement Radar

The new Law Enforcement Radar with StarNext Software is your complete speeding complaint management system.

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MN Trooper Gives Doctor Masks Instead of Speeding Ticket

A cardiologist who was pulled over for speeding on a Minnesota interstate said she was deeply touched when the trooper gave her face masks instead of a ticket.

Stealth Stat II

Kustom Signals' new StealthStat II allows agencies to discreetly collect and easily analyze traffic data to identify and address speed-related issues.

Texas Officer Struck, Killed Running Radar on Turnpike

Officer Albert J. Castaneda, 38, of the Grand Prairie (TX) Police Department was standing outside his patrol car checking traffic speed on President George Bush Turnpike when he was hit.

Eagle 3 Radar

Kustom Signals' new Eagle 3 Radar has been approved and is now listed on the NHTSA Conforming Product List.

2018 Dodge Durango Pursuit

One big change between the 2018 Durango Pursuit and the 2019 models is that buyers now have a choice of engines. The 2018 was released with one engine, the 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI. The 2019 is available with the HEMI or with a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6.

Arizona Police Use Mannequins with Radar Guns to Discourage Speeding

The Operations Division recently outfitted mannequins armed with radar guns and positioned them next to empty police vehicles in order to encourage drivers to slow down at intersections known to be the locations of frequent collisions due to speeding.

Laser Holster

If you are a motor officer and run laser, you need a laser holster.

Nevada Troopers Find Wrecked $300,000 Sports Car in Desert

The Nevada Highway Patrol found the totaled McLaren 720 about 70 yards off a road near Lake Mead last week, with damage suggesting that it had rolled at least once as it just missed falling down a ravine.

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Road Warrior ALPR

The Road Warrior ALPR System by NDI Recognition Systems reads 3,600 license plates per hour, and wirelessly alerts law enforcement when a capture matches the hotlist.