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Point of Law

Officer, Am I Free to Go?

Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, you cannot legally detain a subject during a consensual contact.

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Affidavits: Just the Facts

Embellishing the truth on an affidavit is a good way to be held liable for damages in a lawsuit.

Video: Articulating Interactions with Mentally Ill Subjects Using Mnemonics

Attorney Missy O'Linn discusses the mnemonics that can help officers explain their actions after an incident involving a mentally ill or unstable subject.

Detention Incident to Execution of Search Warrant

The Supreme Court has ruled that you can't detain someone who has left the immediate vicinity of the premises where you plan to execute a search warrant, just because you are executing the warrant.

(Video) Police Pursuits: California Supreme Court Ruling in City of Gardena Case

Attorney Missy O’Linn discusses the unanimous decision by the California Supreme Court that allows departments to escape liability if their written policies mandate 100% officer certification.

Mnemonics for Testifying—Constitutional Law Crate, Part 2

Attorney Missy O'Linn explains how she creates mnemonics to help officers remember the eight officer/subject factors when testifying in court.

Recalling Police Use of Force Law—Constitutional Law Crate, Part 1

Attorney Missy O'Linn explains her "Constitutional Law Crate," which she created as 11 flash cards assembled into a cube, or crate, to give officers a way to remember the most imperative information when testifying in court, such as the three levels of force and Graham v. Connor.

California Deputy to Face Manslaughter Charge in Fatal 2016 OIS

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy will face voluntary manslaughter charges for a February 2016 shooting that left 26-year-old Francisco Garcia dead, according to ABC News.

Best of POLICE: Our 12 Most Popular Articles

We're doing a new kind of index in this Buyer's Guide issue in the form of a gallery of our 12 most popular articles based on website visits.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you respond to a call involving a suicidal person who's not endangering anyone else, it might be best to not intervene.