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Officer Misconduct

Florida SRO Fired After Arresting 6- and 8-Year-Old Children

A school resource officer with the Orlando (FL) Police Department who reportedly arrested two children—a six-year-old and an eight year-old—without first getting approval from a watch commander has been fired from the department.

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Las Vegas Officer Facing Child Sex Charges Dies by Suicide in Park

An officer with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department who had been facing multiple lewdness charges died by suicide in a park in neighboring Henderson, NV.

Michigan Department Fires Officer Who Owns KKK Memorabilia

An officer with the Muskegon Police Department who was found to be in possession of KKK memorabilia has been fired.

Jury Selection Begins in Former Dallas Officer's Murder Trial

The murder trial against former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger—who is accused of shooting a man in his own apartment after mistaking it as her own—proceeded further with the beginning of jury selection late last week.

CA Deputy Fired Over Fabricated Sniper Attack

A deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who claimed that he was shot by a sniper positioned in an apartment building located across the street from the agency's Lancaster station lied about the event, the department says.

Texas Officer May Receive Traffic Citation for Texting and Driving

An officer with the Killeen Police Department may pick up a traffic citation after she was seen by a citizen texting and driving. The citizen posted a video of the incident on Facebook, which drew the attention of the chief of police.

Private University Police Department Fires 9 Officers for Social Media Posts

Nine police officers with the Hampton University (VA) Police Department have been fired for posting "misogynistic, racist … remarks" on social media.

Philadelphia to Fire 13 Officers for Facebook Posts

Thirteen officers with the Philadelphia Police Department are likely to be terminated from their jobs over a series of inflammatory comments they shared on Facebook.

Los Angeles Officer Accused of Two Rapes After DNA Match

According to NBC News, the officer—33-year-old William Rodriguez—was under investigation for allegations of sexual assault in a November incident when police entered Rodriguez's DNA into the FBI's Combined DNA Index System. They then got a "hit" on a cold case from August 2015.

Philadelphia Police Union Says Any Firings Over Facebook Posts "Out of Bounds"

Vice President John McGrody of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 said, "I don't believe any Facebook posts merit firing, based on discipline that’s been handed out through the years."