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Officer Ambush

SC Deputies Ambushed, Suspect and K-9 Killed in Gunfight

The slain K-9 named Roscoe began tracking the pair, which led deputies to the hill where Sheriff McBride said the suspects were waiting in an “ambush situation.”

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2 Texas Officers Murdered at Domestic Call

Two officers with the McAllen (TX) Police Department were killed while responding a domestic disturbance call Saturday afternoon.

Florida Officers Lured Into Ambush Attack at Call for Service

Several officers with the Tampa (LF) Police Department were reportedly ambushed early Saturday morning while responding to a call for service.

Off-Duty Chicago Officer Shot, Wounded in Possible Ambush Attack

An off-duty officer with the Chicago Police Department was shot in the leg early Tuesday but is expected to fully recover.

California Deputy Killed in IED and Gunfire Ambush

The FBI is investigating whether the ambush attack and murder of a sergeant with the Santa Cruz (CA) Sheriff's Office over the weekend is in any way related to the killing of Federal Security Officer Dave Patrick Underwood in a shooting in Oakland (CA) late last month.

Man Who Killed Texas Officer, Wounded 2 Others was Illegally in Country

Police say DeLaCruz was an undocumented Mexican immigrant who had been in the U.S. since the late 1990s, officers found no criminal record for him.

Texas Officer Wounded in Deadly Ambush Released from Hospital

One of the San Marcos, TX, Police officers wounded in a shooting that left a fellow officer dead has been released from the hospital.

Surviving the Ambush Attack

When someone launches a surprise attack against you, your training and your preparation will make the difference.

Texas Officer Killed, 2 Others Wounded in Ambush Attack at Domestic Call

An officer with the San Marcos (TX) Police Department was fatally shot on Saturday as he and other officers responded to a 911 call of a domestic disturbance.

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Wisconsin Officer Stabbed in Station Parking Lot

An Appleton, WI, police officer was stabbed and another was cut early Tuesday in what the Appleton Police Department is calling an ambush attack in the station's parking lot.