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Off-Duty Deaths

Off-Duty Mississippi Trooper Fatally Shot While Working Part-Time Job

Lieutenant Troy Morris—a 27-year veteran of the Mississippi Highway Patrol who also worked part time for the United States Postal Service—was found shot dead in his delivery truck.

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Rhode Island Officer Dies in Off-Duty Skydiving Accident

An officer with the East Greenwich (RI) Police Department died over the weekend in a skydiving accident in Connecticut.

Mexican Officer Murdered While Driving Home After Shift

A, officer with the Juárez Police Department was shot and killed late Wednesday night while heading home after his shift had ended, according to reports.

Alabama Detective Killed Off Duty, Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murder

A Montgomery, AL, police detective was killed Monday morning in an apparent domestic violence related incident and her ex-boyfriend was charged in connection to her death.

Illinois Officer Drowns in Lake Following Medical Emergency

An officer with the Palatine Police Department drowned last week after having a medical emergency while swimming in a local lake.

Off-Duty Massachusetts Officer Killed in Vehicle Collision

An officer with the Salem (MA) Police Department was killed Thursday night in a vehicle collision with another car travelling in the opposite direction.

Off-Duty Arkansas Officer Killed in Head-On Vehicle Collision

Officer Zachary Barton of the Jonesboro (AR) Police Department died over the weekend in a head-on vehicle collision with another driver.

Off-Duty Massachusetts Officer Killed in Motorcycle Crash

The Chicopee (MA) Police Department is mourning the loss of an officer who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Connecticut Tuesday afternoon.

Off-Duty Chicago Officer Dies of Apparent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An off-duty officer with the Chicago Police Department has died and a woman is in critical after a carbon monoxide leak earlier this week.

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Veteran Kansas Officer Fatally Shot by Hit-and-Run Suspect

A veteran officer with Overland Park (KS) Police Department was fatally shot by a hit-and-run suspect over the weekend.