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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Man Accused of Biting Police K-9

A New Hampshire man faces charges of resisting arrest, simple assault, and willful interference with police dogs following an incident at a hotel at which he is accused of biting a K-9 during his arrest.

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New Hampshire Chief Leads Two Neighboring Departments

Chief Stephen Murrell has been leading both the Alstead and Langdon police departments since early May.

New Hampshire K-9 Dies in Training Exercise

K-9 Max reportedly suffered severe internal injuries following a fall. He was transported to a nearby veterinary hospital where his condition worsened. He was subsequently humanely euthanized.

New Hampshire Woman Accused of Kicking, Spitting at Police Officer

A New Hampshire woman is accused of kicking and spitting at an officer with the Dover Police Department as he attempted to detain her following a report of domestic disturbance at a local bar.

New Hampshire Officer Challenges Addict: Get Sober and Play Golf

Officer Justin Maguire had taken Mark Yphantis into custody at least four times before deciding that he could use a different tactic to get the man back on track and living a sober life.

Man Convicted of Assaulting Officers Wants Early Release

Ex-boxer Richard Edson violently attacked Deputy Judy Estes in 2003 while she was attempting to arrest him for driving while intoxicated. He was sentenced to 22 to 60 years behind bars.

New Hampshire Chief: Budget is 'Treading Water'

Chief Andrew Lavoie is urging the Board of Aldermen to consider raising Mayor Jim Donchess' proposed budget for the Nashua Police Department, citing extensive overtime costs and other factors. The department is spending an average of $30,000 a week in overtime.

3 Dead After 15-Hour Standoff in New Hampshire

Three people are dead after a 15-hour standoff at a hotel in Manchester ended with a suspect opening fire on officers outside, and officers returning fire.

Proposed New Hampshire Law Would Limit Police Use of Deadly Force

Police across New Hampshire are voicing their disapproval of a piece of proposed legislation that would revoke the legal authority law enforcement officers have to use deadly force during an arrest.

New Hampshire Agency Adds Police Dog to Reduce Stress for Victims and Officers

The Hancock (NH) Police Department has added a brown Labrador Retriever to the ranks, but the dog will not be tasked with sniffing out drugs or fleeing suspects. K-9 "Rookie" will instead be on hand to help individuals deal with difficult situations.