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MN Woman Donates $10,000 Each to Her Local Police and Fire Departments

Longtime La Crescent resident, Mrs. Dahlen, surprised the departments by donating $20,000 during the city council meeting on Monday night. $10,000 for the police department and another $10,000 for the fire department.

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Murder Trial of Former Minneapolis Officer Chauvin to be Held Separately Beginning March 8

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill's latest legal order makes it clear that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and space limitations, even in Hennepin County's largest courtroom, make it impossible to hold a trial for four defendants while complying with existing safety guidelines.

Civilian Helps MN Trooper in Roadside Fight with DUI Suspect

“I saw a tussle and a fist flying and was like, ‘Oh, let me check it out.’ As I got closer and approached above him, I saw he had the officer’s gun,” Vincent Williams said. “I said, ‘Let the gun go,’ and I asked the officer, ‘Do you feel comfortable grabbing your Taser?’ He said, Hold him.'”

Prosecutors Want to Delay Former Officers' Trial Over Floyd Death Because of COVID

In its motion, the prosecution argued that putting off the trial until June 7 "appropriately balances the need to protect public health with the need to ensure that this case is resolved expeditiously."

Minneapolis PD Releases Video of Shooting, Riot Suspects Arrested

The video showed the man attempting to drive away from police before his vehicle was hemmed in, and then showed him looking through his driver’s side window at the officers. Glass then erupts from the driver's window. An officer is heard voicing an expletive, and multiple shots are fired.

Fatal Police Shooting Sparks Protest in Minneapolis

Scores of protesters quickly descended on the scene of the shooting in a gas station parking lot in South Minneapolis, about a mile from the intersection where Floyd died, facing off in below-freezing temperatures with police officers clad in riot gear, some clutching batons and cans of pepper spray.

Editorial: Elections Have Consequences

People keep voting for anti-police city, and county leaders and they are soon going to suffer for it.

Minnesota Officers Protected by Lenco BearCat Armored Vehicle During Active Shooter Response

Officers who responded to the shooting used the BearCat to keep them shielded from gunfire as the vehicle defeated the rounds of bullets that struck its body, windows, roof and hood.

City Council Cuts $8 Million from Minneapolis PD Budget

Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll said the city council's actions will still seriously harm the police department and public safety.

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Minneapolis City Council Approves Additional Police Cuts, Mayor May Veto

The money will pay for the expansion of the Office of Violence Prevention within the city’s Health Department. And the plan moves more than a dozen civilian crime prevention specialist positions out of the Police Department and into another city agency.