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How To Spot PTSD in Yourself

Know what to look for so you can seek help for PTSD when needed.

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NYPD Officer Dies By Suicide, Third Such Death in 10 Days for the Agency

On Friday afternoon, a 29-year-old officer with the New York Police Department was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound outside the Staten Island Police precinct where he worked. It was the third death by suicide suffered by the agency in the span of 10 days.

Chicago Police Department Holds Two-Day Mental Health Summit

The Chicago Police Department—which has suffered three the loss of three officers to suicide this year—is hosting a two-day seminar to improve mental health treatment for police and other emergency responders.

Non-Profit Organization Raises Awareness of Officer Suicide at Police Week

BlueH.E.L.P.—an organization that tracks police officer suicides while simultaneously seeking to prevent such tragedies from occurring—held several events at Police Week in Washington DC to honor officers who died by suicide and offer support to the families they left behind.

California Department Adds Therapy Dog to the Ranks

Crime victims, witnesses, and first responders in the California city of Pinole will soon have access to a therapy dog to help them with emotional support following traumatic incidents.

Axon Employees, Customers, and Partners Are Making Policing Healthier

Earlier this week I attended the Axon Accelerate Conference in downtown Phoenix. The official theme was "Run In"—in recognition of the fact that police officers run toward danger while everyone else runs away. But there was another underlying theme, "Total Wellness" for law enforcement.

Video: Sister of Officer Who Died By Suicide Seeks to Prevent Similar Tragedies

Leann Starr—sister of Chicago Police Sergeant Lori Rice—recently made a video for the Chicago Police Department intended to reach out to other officers who may be approaching crisis.

Suicide Warning Signs and Available Resources

Families and colleagues of officers who died by suicide frequently say the officers displayed visible warning signs of life-threatening mental or emotional crisis that only really registered after the officer's death. Here's what to look for.

Dave Smith: A Deeper Hurt

When officers need emotional and mental help, each of us has a responsibility to support each other.

Dispatchers and Call Takers: Thanks to (and Support for) the Men and Women on the Thin Yellow Line

During the second full week of April, public safety agencies celebrate a group of individuals without whom public safety agencies would fail to properly function—dispatchers and call takers.