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Identifying and Overcoming Challenges in Training for Low-Light Operations

In the quest to improve officer safety—and performance—during low-light deadly-force encounters, many agencies have added emerging new technologies such as red-dot optics, tritium sights, and weapon-mounted flashlights. Over-reliance on these technologies can be problematic. Training is key.

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Low-Light Operations: A Critical Training Need

Some reports say as much as 75% of law enforcement shootings occur in poorly lit or dark areas, but many agencies fail to offer low-light firearms training.

My Technology Can...Help Preserve Your Night Vision

By using Spectrum Technologies Orion Display Filters and Eyewear, law enforcement officers working at night on computers can see better when they have to step out of their vehicles into the dark.

Matching Night Vision Gear to Your Mission

The experience of law enforcement agencies proves the benefits of having different night vision tools in the field.

Working in Low Light

Criminals like the dark, and we have to know how to counter their use of poorly lit locations and nighttime hiding places.

POLICE Survey: Flashlights and Weapon Lights

POLICE Magazine wanted to know more about your preferences for personal lighting on the job, so last month we conducted an extensive e-mail survey on the topic. Here are the results.

Flashlights and Weapon Lights

Other than badges and guns, the one tool that almost every officer carries on duty is a personal light. We asked officers how they buy, use, and train with their lights.

Lights On or Lights Off

Light on or light off when conducting building searches? After conducting a year of very specific testing, my answer remains the same: Turn the building or room lights on, if you can.

Tactical Illuminator Training

Over the last 10 years of sharing what I have learned about weapon-mounted lights, I have heard the same questions, concerns, and training issues from departments around the country. I have found that discussing Jeff Cooper's Rules of Firearms Safety in reverse is an easy way to hit all of the bases for a solid tactical illuminator training program.

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The POLICE Light and Laser Survey

Because of the critical importance of illumination tools in law enforcement operations, POLICE recently conducted a survey about flashlight, weapon light, and laser sight ownership, usage, and training among working law enforcement officers. The following is a snapshot of our findings.

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