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Human Trafficking

New Massachusetts State Police Unit to Target Child Trafficking

Top Massachusetts officials announced Tuesday a new four-person State Police unit targeting human trafficking cases that involve children.

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Feds Arrest Hundreds of Gang Members in 'Project Shadowfire' Raids

More than 900 people associated with gangs like MS-13 and the Bloods were arrested across the country as part of a five-week U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-led operation

DHS Blue Campaign Announces New Partnership to Combat Human Trafficking

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced a new partnership between the DHS Blue Campaign and the Birmingham mayor's office to raise public awareness on how to recognize human trafficking.

Human Traffickers Found to Exploit U.S. Visas and Data-Sharing Failures

Human traffickers used fiancé and work visas to bring dozens of victims to the United States, exploiting a lack of data sharing between immigration offices within the Department of Homeland Security, according to the agency's internal watchdog.

Border Patrol Catches Smuggler Using Fake Agency Vehicle

An investigation is underway after agents caught an alleged human trafficker driving what appeared to be a Border Patrol Tahoe in Laredo, TX.

Video: Suspected Human Smuggling Vehicle Rolls During Texas Chase, 6 Dead

Police started chasing the suspects in an SUV near Corpus Christi after an alleged traffic violation. The driver refused to stop and led authorities to the Edna area.

Calif. Retains Death Penalty, Softens Three Strikes

California voters sent a mixed message to public safety Tuesday by retaining the death penalty, softening three-strikes sentencing for violent felonies, and increasing penalties for human trafficking.

Ballot Measures 2012: Death Penalty, Legal Marijuana, Bargaining Rights

Today, voters in three states will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana and in California will consider reshaping sentencing for violent offenders.

N.Y. Prostitute's Convictions Thrown Out Under Sex-Trafficking Law

A 22-year-old former Bronx prostitute is the first American citizen to have her convictions thrown out under New York's new sex-trafficking law, after prosecutors agreed she had been forced into the sex trade at age 13.

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Arizona LE, Nonprofits Bring Awareness To Human Slavery

As differentiated from human smuggling, these crimes involve forcing people against their will to work for others' profit. It could be a prostitute walking the streets for a pimp. It could be a cowering immigrant toiling in a sweatshop in a state of indentured servitude.