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George Floyd Death

4 Minnesota Officers Charged in George Floyd Death Appear in Court

All four former Minneapolis officers charged in connection with the death of George Floyd in May appeared in the Hennepin County Courthouse as a judge ruled on whether or not the men would be tried as a group or have separate proceedings.

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Medical Examiner's Memo Says George Floyd had Potentially "Fatal Level of Fentanyl" in System

"[Dr. Andrew Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death,” the June 1 memo said.

Axon Announces Technology for Quick Review and Release of Controversial Video

Axon has announced several new technology solutions to address the issues now confronting police and the people they serve and protect.

Minneapolis Police Renting Building to Replace Torched 3rd Precinct HQ

A City Council committee on Thursday approved spending $3.6 million to sublease the building for three years and $1.2 million to renovate it. The building is about a half-mile (0.8 kilometers) from the 3rd Precinct headquarters that was burned by rioters on May 28 after officers were ordered to evacuate.

Attorney for Fired Officer Charged in Floyd Death Says Floyd Died of Overdose

In Monday’s filing, Gray doubled down on the idea that Floyd swallowed drugs while the officers were attempting to take him into custody, pointing to the disappearance of a white spot on Floyd’s tongue in the body camera video.

FOP Slams Texas School Assignment that Compares Police to KKK

The unauthorized assignment for what was apparently a lesson on political satire showed a five-panel cartoon that started with a slave ship officer with a knee on a black man’s neck and ended with a modern-day police officer also with a knee on a prisoner’s neck.

North Carolina Department to Begin "Active Bystander Training" for Officers

Officers with the Wilmington (NC) Police Department will soon be undergoing new training that is aimed at empowering them to speak up and intervene when they see a fellow-LEO doing something they deem to be incorrect or illegal.

Poll: Two Thirds of Minneapolis Citizens Disapprove of Police Department

A recent poll conducted by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, MPR News, and KARE-TV revealed that more than two thirds of the Minneapolis registered voters disapprove of the police department.

DA Denies Request to Dismiss Charges Against Officer in George Floyd Death

State prosecutors have rejected an argument by a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death that he was "just a rookie overridden by a senior officer at the scene."

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Indiana Officers Charged with Assault on 2 Women During Protest

Two officers with the Indianapolis Police Department are facing multiple criminal charges after a confrontation with two women at a protest following the death of George Floyd.