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Florida agencies

St. Petersburg Detective Shot, Suspect Killed

Police vehicles had boxed-in the suspect’s vehicle when authorities say he aimed a semiautomatic handgun out of the driver’s side window and shot an officer at close range.

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Video: Florida Deputies Take Down Home Invaders, Rescue Little Girl

Volusia deputies arrived as the robbery was happening and heard the victims screaming in the garage.

Florida Suspect Grabs Officer's Gun in Holster and Pulls Trigger

Suspect Eugene Upperman then reportedly said he was "going to pull the trigger." Which police say he did. After the gun went off, officers continued to punch Upperman to get him to let go of the gun. Other officers arrived on scene to assist them in arresting Upperman.

Miami Officer Becomes Mentor to Teen Who Assaulted Him During Protest

Officer Raymon Washington was struck over the head with a skateboard by 17-year-old Michael Marshall during the protest.

Miami-Dade Officer Arrested on Federal Drug Charges

Officer Rod Flowers is accused of protecting shipments of cocaine as they were transported throughout the region.

Video: Florida K-9, Helicopter Crew, Track Down Suspect Who Fled Traffic Stop

The Lee County Sheriff's Office recently released video taken from its helicopter of a suspect fleeing into a wooded area after a traffic stop.

Florida Police Chief Killed in Plane Crash

The chief of the Ocala (FL) Police Department was killed in a small plane crash in a field in southwest Marion County on Sunday morning.

Florida Officer Searching for Rightful Owner of Purple Heart Medal

Sergeant Anthony Cerniglia wants to find the rightful owner of a Purple Heart Medal given to a paratrooper named Alan Beckwith, who was killed in action on June 7, 1944—one day after D-Day.

Florida Officer Stabbed by Suspect After Foot Pursuit

When Dep. Williams tried to take the man into custody, "(the suspect) pulled the knife out and stabbed Deputy Williams in the neck before fleeing the area and ignoring verbal commands to stop," the sheriff's office said on Facebook.

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Officer Claims Discrimination for Treatment at Fast Food Take-Out Window

An officer with the Jacksonville (FL) Police Department is claiming that she was mistreated at a local fast-food take-out window simply because of the uniform she was wearing and the patrol vehicle she was driving.