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John Cena Visits Colorado Officer Recovering from Gunshot Wound

WWE and action movie star John Cena paid a surprise visit to the home of a Colorado Springs police officer who suffered a severe gunshot wound to the head in 2018.

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Colorado City Removes Citizenship Requirement for First Responders

The civil service authority in Aurora, CO, has changed its policy, making citizenship no longer a requirement to work for that city's police and fire departments.

Colorado Man Crashes Scooter Into Denver Officer, Faces DUI Charges

A man faces DUI charges after he reportedly crashed a scooter into an officer with the Denver Police Department on Saturday afternoon.

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Shooting Colorado Officer

A man accused of shooting an officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department in August 2018 has pleaded not guilty, according to court records.

Colorado School Resource Officer Helps Boy Walk

Officer Brad Gagon built a strength trainer to help a boy with cerebral palsy practice walking.

Colorado Officer Rescues Skunk, Avoids Getting Sprayed

A community services officer with the Firestone (CO) Police Department was able to free a baby skunk trapped in a hole in a wooden fence without being sprayed by the little animal in distress, and the agency had some fun with the incident on social media.

Colorado Motor Officer Injured in Motorcycle Crash

A motor officer with the Denver Police Department was seriously injured in a traffic collision on an Interstate on Tuesday night.

Video: Denver Officer Gets Into Epic Break-Dance Battle with Young Boy

An officer with the Denver Police Department was captured on mobile phone video engaging in a dance-off with a third-grade boy over the weekend, and the video quickly went viral on social media.

Colorado Officer Finds Stress Relief in Stand-Up Comedy

A 20-year veteran with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office has a second career in his off-duty time as a stand-up comedian.

Colorado Deputy Shot Investigating Burglary, Suspect in Custody

Authorities identified the suspect as Jackie Wampler Jr., who was believed to be armed and dangerous.