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Body Armor

Elite Gen V Concealable Body Armor

The new Elite GEN V concealable body armor system delivers the ultimate combination of weight, thinness, flexibility and overall performance.

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First Look: The Automatic Injury Notification System

The Automatic Injury Detection system from Select Engineering Services sends out an alert any time an officer is shot or stabbed.

First Look: The Cooling Effect for Body Armor

The I.C.E. panel from Body Armor Vent helps keep officers who wear armor warmer in cold weather and cooler in summer heat.

SHOT Show 2021: The Lost SHOT Show

COVID-19 canceled this year's show. But here's a look at some of the law enforcement products that would have been featured, if the show had gone on.

Editorial: Life Insurance

You face many life-threatening hazards on the job, take the precautions necessary to protect yourself.

I.C.E. Retrofit Kit

Retrofit Kits allow "evaporative cooling" to occur between plates and base layer for the first time in the history of body armor.

Point Blank Compression Carrier

The Compression Carrier naturally flexes to the contours of the body for greater maneuverability and maximum concealability while the thermoregulating inner lining provides a cool, comfortable fit.

NIJ Level II and IIIA Soft Armor

The Level II soft armor weighs only 0.51 pounds per square foot and is 0.19 inches thick. The Level IIIA soft armor weighs only 0.68 pounds per square foot and is 0.23 inches thick.

Premier Body Armor Offers Same-Week Production and Delivery

Premier Body Armor, maker of tactical, executive, and backpack ballistic protection, is providing its customers with same-week production and delivery. The company says each order will be produced and will ship within one week of the order being placed.

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First Look: Point Blank's Guardian Vest is Both Uniform and Customized

Point Blank's new Guardian external vest carrier is designed to maintain a consistent look for all of an agency's officers while offering dozens of options.