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Anti-Police Activists

The "Accident Chain" and the In-Custody Death of George Floyd

In aviation, an accident chain usually ends with one or more people dead in a twisted mass of burning metal, investigators conducting a lengthy and expensive inquiry, and mourners lashing out at those responsible for a series of fatal mistakes... Sound familiar?

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Protest Targets Home of Colorado Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting

In November, a grand jury ruled the officer-involved shooting of 19-year-old Bailey was justified, and cleared the involved officers, Alan Van't Land and Blake Evenson, of any wrongdoing.

Seattle Police Could Face Layoffs Under City Council Budget Plan

Most of the proposals, including cuts aimed at the department’s SWAT team, encampment-removal team and mounted unit, appear to have enough support to pass.

Removing Officers from Schools is a Bad Idea

Activists want SROs out of schools and that could lead to really dangerous outcomes for some students.

After Another Probe, Officer Darren Wilson Won't Be Charged in Ferguson Shooting

Officer Darren Wilson—who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson six years ago—was again the target of a probe and investigation that resulted in prosecutors declining to press charges against him.

Asheville Officials Support Defunding NC City's Police Department

Councilman Keith Young, said full funding should wait until a planned Sept. 22 strategy for Asheville PD divestment.

NYPD Clears Out "Occupy City Hall" Encampment

In a predawn raid, officers with the New York Police Department cleared out the "Occupy City Hall" encampment that had begun as an anti-police protest but morphed into a gathering dominated mostly by homeless people.

2 Men Arrested Following Attack on NYPD Officers During Protest

Two men were arrested Thursday in connection with an attack on police officers responding to a demonstration that turned violent earlier this week in New York City.

Missouri Officers Respond to Violent Protest in Department Parking Lot

Officers with the Florissant (MO) Police Department arrested 17 demonstrators Sunday night in the police headquarters parking lot.

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NBA Legend Charles Barkley Dismisses "Defund Police" Movement

NBA legend Charles Barkley said in an interview that the movement to "defund police" is misguided.