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WI Officer Shot at Domestic, Saved by Armor

At the home, officers confronted the man who they say pulled out a handgun. The officer pulled his sidearm and the two exchanged fire.

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Milwaukee Officer Seriously Injured in Pursuit Crash

The injured officer was struck by another patrol vehicle as it arrived on the scene.

Wisconsin Town Supervisors Vote to Disband Police Department

The town of Freedom, Wisconsin voted on Wednesday to disband its police department consisting of two full-time and one part-time sworn officer.

Wisconsin Police Will Watch Vacationing Residents' Homes While They're Away

The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department has announced on social media that it will increase patrols in neighborhoods of residents who are temporarily away on vacation.

Milwaukee PD Makes SIG Sauer P320 Official Duty Pistol

SIG Sauer Inc. announced that the City of Milwaukee Police Department is transitioning to the SIG Sauer P320 9mm pistol as its official duty firearm.

Wisconsin Officer Paints Over Graffiti on Elderly Man's Garage Door

An officer with the Baraboo (WI) Police Department took it upon himself to help a 73-year-old man cover over graffiti painted across a garage door on Wednesday.

Wisconsin Man Arrested for Punching Officer

A 20-year-old man who was being placed under arrest for suspected trespassing reportedly punched one of the arresting officers twice in the face.

Man Charged with Murdering WI Officer was 4 Days Out of Prison

Dalquavis T. Ward, 26, of Milwaukee, had just gotten out of prison June 13 after serving a sentence for armed robbery, federal Bureau of Prisons records show.

Suspected Killer of Off-Duty Wisconsin Officer Arrested

The man suspected of murdering an off-duty officer with the Racine (WI) Police Department has been arrested one day after the slain law enforcer was laid to rest.

Suspect Who Killed Officer by Running Red Light had 4 Previous DUI Infractions

The man who is suspected of running a red light and killing an off-duty Milwaukee police officer in a traffic collision at an intersection on Tuesday morning had four previous OWI convictions, including one in May 2017 for which he was still on probation.