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School Security

Pennsylvania Parents File Suit over Proposal to Arm Teachers in Schools

The Tamaqua (PA) School District "endangered their community" when they approved a "manifestly illegal" policy to give weapons to teachers and other school employees, according to a lawsuit filed by three parents and a grandparent.

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Oregon Students Protest Presence of School Resource Officers

The students say the presence of the officers makes the students feel unsafe, contribute to discrimination in school and their presence can lead to hostile and unsafe school environments.

Trump's School Safety Commission Favors Arming Teachers

President Donald Trump's school safety commission—a panel led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos—said that the decision to arm teachers to respond to potential active shooters should be left to state and local authorities, not the Federal government.

Ohio Department Praised for "Lunch with Law Enforcement" at Local Schools

Students at schools in the Riverside School District are getting used to seeing police officers show up unannounced in the cafeteria, and according to reports, they're enjoying the visits.

DOJ Announces $70M for School Safety, $64M for Criminal Record Systems

The Department of Justice has announced more than $70 million in grant funding to bolster school security and support responding law enforcement officers, and more than $64 million to state agencies to improve the nation’s criminal record systems

Gripper Doorstop

It’s a bright yellow doorstop with a hook for easy storage, covered on the bottom with a non-slip material hat grips any surface.

Fire Door Armor Barricade Notification

This barricade can withstand several tons of outside pressure, helping keep classrooms secure.

AG Sessions to Address School Resource Officers at NASRO Conference

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to address school resource officers (SROs) from around the nation June 25, during the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) School Safety Conference in Reno, NV.

Sheriff Deploying Armed Volunteers in North Carolina Schools

“They’re going to be armed security," Sheriff Burris said. "They’ll be walking the halls, they’ll be mentoring our kids. They’ll be checking in with our faculty, our teachers, our principals. They’ll be walking through the parking lot looking for any suspicious activity our behavior. They’ll be attending lunch with the kids.”