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Officer Ambush

Off-Duty Idaho Tribal Officer Ambushed, Shot at Home

According to authorities, Officer Josh Rigney is doing well and remains stable in a local hospital. He was shot twice in the attack.

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Investigators Reveal Details of Chemical Attack on Colorado Officer

The officer was responding to a suspicious package call when a young man threw a bottle at him. The bottle began to emit smoke containing chlorine, which caused the officer to pass out.

5 Colorado Teens Accused of Ambushing Officer with Chlorine Bomb

Officer Grahn and a civilian worked to clear the street when they were attacked with the chemical device. The gas reportedly caused the officer to lose consciousness.

Florida Deputy, K-9 Wounded by Gunfire—Gunman Dead

A deputy with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and a St. Petersburg Police Department K-9 were wounded in two separate but related shootings by a suspect who fled a traffic stop.

Alabama Officer Wounded in Ambush Returns to Duty

Micah Hale—a veteran officer with the Selma (AL) Police Department who was ambushed early in the morning on September 2018—has returned to the street.

Man Accused of Shooting Ohio Deputies Held on $10M Bond

An Ohio man accused of pretending to be suicidal in order to lure law enforcement officers into an apparent ambush attack has been held on $10M bond.

California Department Declines to Release Video of Officer's Murder

The agency said that because Officer Corona used no force—she was ambushed and murdered before ever having the chance to even draw her weapon—the video will remain under wraps.

Maryland Man Sentenced to 195 Years for Opening Fire on Police Station

A 25-year-old Maryland man will very probably live the rest of his life behind bars after being sentenced on Thursday to 195 years in prison.

Tennessee Officer Attacked in November Nearer to Returning to Duty

Officer B.K. Hardin of the Knoxville (TN) Police Department was directing traffic on a Saturday in late November when an unknown assailant ambushed him with a strike to the head with a blunt object—possibly a hammer or tire iron—severely injuring him.

California Bar Gunman Planned to Ambush Officers, Report Says

After the initial shooting, the gunman positioned himself in anticipation of the police response, Ayub said. When officers entered, he ambushed them immediately from a position of tactical advantage, mortally wounding Ventura County Sgt. Ron Helus.