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Indianapolis Officer Shot, Wounded During Struggle with Shoplifting Suspect

An officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is recovering in good condition after he was shot Sunday during a struggle with a shoplifting suspect.

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Indiana Department Breaks Ground on New Headquarters Facility

Officials in Huntington, Indiana, gathered on Wednesday with members of that city's police department and several members of the community to celebrate the groundbreaking of a new headquarters facility.

Indiana State Police Adds SIG Sauer P365 as Their Back-Up Duty Firearm

The Indiana State Police have adopted the SIG Sauer P365 as their back-up duty firearm for their full complement of troopers.

Indiana Chief, Assistant Chief Involved in Fatal Gunfight with Armed Suspect

The chief of police and the assistant chief of the Brownstone (IA) Police department were involved in a shooting outside the department's headquarters building.

Indiana K-9 Gets Body Armor Thanks to Kindness of Local Business Owner

The Shipshewana (IN) Police Department equips its officers—such as Officer Nick Byroad—with body armor, but did not have the resources available to do the same for Byroad's new K-9 partner, Yogi.

Indianapolis Officer Injured in Crash with Suspected Drunk Driver

An officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was in his patrol car when a Chevy Impala collided with his vehicle, sending the squad car careening into a utility pole.

IN Teachers Complain About Injuries from Airsoft Guns During Active Shooter Training

"During active shooter drill, four teachers at a time were taken into a room, told to crouch down and were shot execution style with some sort of projectiles — resulting in injuries to the extent that welts appeared, and blood was drawn," a statement from the Indiana State Teachers Association on Wednesday said.

Indiana Supreme Court to Hear Case on Whether Police Can Compel Suspect to Open Smartphone

After some discussion, Webster invoked Seo's Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.The Indiana Court of Appeals sided with Webster.

Indiana Officer Injured While Breaking up Drunken Brawl

A woman reportedly attacked an officer who was attempting to break up a fight between her and her boyfriend at a local motel in Michigan City (IN) late last week.

2 Indiana Officers Injured by Accidental Discharge in Training

Two officers with the Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department were struck by a single bullet when one of the officer's service weapon accidentally discharged in training.