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Florida Sheriff's Office Unveils Specially Skinned Patrol Vehicle

When the Putnam County (FL) Sheriff's Office made the determination that a replacement vehicle was more financially sound than continuing to maintain one of its aging patrol cars, they enlisted the assistance of students from a local high school to come up with a design for the exterior paint.

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Florida Officer Helps Homeless Family Return Home to Michigan

An officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department is being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty when he helped a homeless family find shelter and then return to Michigan.

Florida Officer Involved in Controversial OIS Fired

The officer with the Pensacola (FL) Police Department who shot and killed Tymar Crawford during a struggle in July has been fired from the department.

Florida K-9 Sniffs Out 94 Pounds of Marijuana at Traffic Stop

A K-9 with the Ocala (FL) Police Department alerted to the possible presence of drugs during a traffic stop on Wednesday, and eventually sniffed out 94 pounds of marijuana.

Florida Officer Dragged by Car at Elementary School Drop-Off

A school police officer was dragged by a vehicle after the driver was asked to move her vehicle because it was blocking a school crosswalk.

Florida Deputy Delivers Baby at Traffic Stop

A deputy with the Collier County Sheriff's Office delivered a baby at a traffic stop early Tuesday morning.

Florida Officers Attend Funeral of Military Vet with No Family

Officers with the Sarasota (FL) Police Department plan to attend the funeral of a military veteran who had no immediate family to be present at the ceremony.

Off-Duty Florida Officer Struck by Stray Bullet at Family Party

An off-duty officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department was in attendance at a family party when he was struck by a stray bullet possibly fired from another property.

Florida Trooper Killed in Collision with Truck

A trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol was killed in a collision with a truck carrying construction equipment on Friday morning.

Image of Florida Student Praying for Officer at Restaurant Goes Viral

An image posted to social media of a young man laying his hand on the shoulder of a seated police officer and saying a silent prayer for him has gone viral on the Internet.