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Drug Enforcement

Illinois Now 11th State to Allow Recreational Marijuana

Legalization in Illinois also means that nearly 800,000 people with criminal records for purchasing or possessing 30 grams of marijuana or less may have those records expunged.

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Task Force Operation Busts Major Gang Drug Distribution Network

An operation conducted by local, state, and federal law enforcement has brought down a major methamphetamine distribution network in California.

6 Arrested in Mexico-L.A. Drug Ring After Seizure of 1,500 Pounds of Drugs

The six arrests, which were made as part of "Operation Colombian Cargo," are part of a broader federal indictment that includes a total of 25 defendants.

Crooks at Your Local Library

Public libraries have become havens for a vast assortment of people, many of whom are actual or potential criminals.

Texas K-9 Credited with $1.4 Million Cocaine Bust

K-9 "Spyke" with the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force—a multi-agency initiative of the Houston HIDTA—is being credited with sniffing out a $1.4 million cocaine shipment secreted in a custom compartment in a vehicle on a local highway last week.

Customs and Border Protection Officers Seize Meth Flown Into US on Ultralight Aircraft

Officers with the Tucson Sector of the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency were able to track the flight of an ultralight aircraft crossing the border into Arizona.

How To Test for Drugs

Presumptive tests allow officers to quickly detect and identify illicit drugs in the field.

Georgia Child Finds $40K in Meth Inside Lego Box

Three Georgia women bought a box of Legos while visiting a South Carolina consignment shop as a gift for a child, only to find that the box was actually filled with about $40,000 worth of methamphetamine.

Florida Sheriff Dismayed About Drugs Smuggled Over Mexico Border

Polk County (FL) Sheriff Grady Judd appeared on Fox and Friends on Friday, decrying the illegal drug trafficking over the US-Mexico border, saying, "You want to just pull your eyeballs out."

New York Officer Makes Big Drug Bust at Traffic Stop

An officer with the Westchester County (NY) Police Department discovered a large haul of marijuana during a traffic stop on Wednesday, seizing about 54 pounds of the drug and arresting a Boston man for Criminal Possession of Marijuana.