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Colorado Trooper Injured When Suspected DUI Driver Crashes into Squad Car

A trooper with the Colorado State Police was injured early Monday morning when a suspected DUI driver crashed into his parked patrol vehicle.

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Woman Wanted for Threat Against Columbine High Found Dead

The FBI tweeted shortly after discovery of the body that there was no longer a threat to the community. FBI Special Agent in Charge Dean Phillips said at an afternoon news conference that authorities believed Pais died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound but that a medical examiner would confirm if that was the case.

Investigators Reveal Details of Chemical Attack on Colorado Officer

The officer was responding to a suspicious package call when a young man threw a bottle at him. The bottle began to emit smoke containing chlorine, which caused the officer to pass out.

Colorado Officer Shot in Both Legs, Suspect Dead in Gunfight

An officer with the Pueblo (CO) Police Department was shot in both legs and a suspect was fatally shot during a foot pursuit.

Colorado Sheriff's Office Releases Funny Video to Warn Drivers of Impending Blizzard

Two deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office were seen in an amusing video sitting in lawn chairs and eating snacks beside the road of a freeway in their jurisdiction that tends to have foul-weather traffic collisions.

5 Colorado Teens Accused of Ambushing Officer with Chlorine Bomb

Officer Grahn and a civilian worked to clear the street when they were attacked with the chemical device. The gas reportedly caused the officer to lose consciousness.

Colorado Undersheriff Shot While Trying to Prevent a Woman's Suicide

Undersheriff Steve Lowrance was transported to a nearby hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Small Colorado Department Shut Down Via Text Message

Town leaders in Kiowa, Colorado reportedly informed the two of the three members of the small town's police department via text message that the doors had been shuttered, the locks had been changed, and that they were all laid off.

Colorado Woman Suspected of DUI Injures Officer in "Struck By" Accident

An officer with the Thornton (CO) Police Department was conducting a traffic stop on an off-ramp of an interstate highway early Monday morning when a suspected DUI driver struck him.

Colorado Sheriff's Home Destroyed, Daughters Injured by Avalanche

The sheriff was able to pull himself out and find one of his daughters before help arrived, but there was still another daughter missing.