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City Budgets

Missouri City Approves Foundation to Enable Donations to Police

The Ellisville City Council on Wednesday approved creating a charitable police foundation to allow donations from local businesses and residents to fund some police department equipment and supplies.

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Phoenix Approves Plan to Spend Up to $750,000 on Firearms for PD

The Phoenix City Council voted unanimously to spend up to $750,000 on Glock firearms and replacement parts for its police department during a sometimes raucous meeting Wednesday.

Police Union President: Portland a "Cesspool" Amid "Failed" Homeless Policies

The president of the Portland Police Association posted a lengthy statement on Facebook on Monday in which he slammed the city's mayor for his response to the homelessness crisis, saying Oregon's largest city has "become a cesspool."

Surge in Police Retirements Feared in Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee could face a huge shortage of police officers. Estimates are that well over 300 could retire by the end of next year.

Budget Proposal Holds San Francisco PD Funding Hostage Until Reforms Happen

'Reform or don't get paid' is the message Supervisor John Avalos is sending to the San Francisco Police Department as part of the Board of Supervisors' review of Mayor Ed Lee's $9.6 billion budget proposal.

Phoenix Budget Battle: Body Cameras or More Police?

Some residents and council members have called for the city to instead use the money to speed up police hiring or restore pay and benefits for officers who took cuts the past six years.

Los Angeles to Fund Police Body Camera Program but Council Wants Review of Selection Process

The Los Angeles City Council agreed Tuesday to fund LAPD's body camera deployment. However, at least one councilman is requesting a formal review of the process to determine whether the Police Department selected the best product at the best price.

Cost Concerns Delay LAPD's Roll Out of Body Cameras

A $58-million plan to equip nearly every Los Angeles police officer with a body camera by the end of 2016 is being postponed due to cost.

New State Forfeiture Law Cuts into New Mexico Agencies' Budgets

And agencies won't be compensated for storage or shipment of seized items, an expense the Farmington Police Department hasn't yet calculated, Chief Steve Hebbe said. That is an unfunded mandate, he said.

Detroit to Spend $38 Million on Tecnnology

At the Detroit Police Department, the city would spend $38 million on tech improvements, including what it calls a “fully integrated public safety IT system” that would wrap in the city’s Fire Department and EMS.