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Accidental Discharges

Report: Officer in France "Playing with Firearm" Fatally Shoots Colleague

An officer in France has died of a gunshot wound in what was described as "a tragedy due to a mistake in handling a loaded firearm."

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2 Indiana Officers Injured by Accidental Discharge in Training

Two officers with the Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department were struck by a single bullet when one of the officer's service weapon accidentally discharged in training.

German Police Cadet Accidentally Shoots, Kills Fellow Trainee

The police cadet whose firearm discharged may face the charge of negligent homicide.

New York Officer's Ballistic Vest Saves Him from Accidental Discharge

An officer with the Ellenville (NY) Police Department reportedly shot himself in his chest—the bullet was stopped by his body armor—as he attempted to flee from an attack by a rabid fox.

Off-Duty Baltimore Officer Accidentally Shoots Herself in Leg

An off-duty officer was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after accidentally shooting herself in the leg.

Off-Duty Missouri Officer Accidentally Shot, Killed by Colleague

The officer—identified as 24-year-old Katlyn Alix—was in the living room of another officer who was on duty but at the home when he mishandled a firearm and shot Alix in the chest.

Off-Duty California Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in Chest

The officer—who has not yet been identified—reportedly had an accidental discharge in the parking lot of the restaurant that struck him somewhere in the chest area.

Michigan Chief Slips on Ice, Shoots Self in Foot

Chief Roy Johnson of the Carleton (MI) Police Department was responding to a breaking and entering call when he slipped on a patch of ice and accidentally discharged his weapon, causing a minor injury to his foot.

Nobody Hurt When Texas Officer Accidentally Discharges Patrol Rifle at Airport

An officer with the Houston Police Department accidentally discharged his department-issued AR-15 at Hobby Airport in Houston. Three airport employees and two civilians were reportedly nearby but nobody was hurt.

FBI Agent Charged Over Accidental Discharge on Dance Floor

Chase Bishop, who is based in the FBI's Washington Field Office, can be seen in a cell phone video doing a backflip, losing his sidearm in the process, and then accidentally discharging it as he picked it back up. More Here.