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ICE Agent Dies of 9/11-Related Cancer

Agent McCarthy responded to help secure the site of the destroyed U.S. Custom House at the World Trade Center site in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. He remained at the scene to assist with search and recovery efforts.

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NYC to Offer Unlimited Sick Leave to City Employees With 9/11-Related Illnesses

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has agreed to provide unlimited sick leave to city employees who have 9/11-related illnesses.

New NYPD Officer is Daughter of 9/11 Hero

Jillian Suarez had just turned nine years old when her father—45-year-old cop Ramon Suarez—ran three times into the North Tower of the World Trade Center to save individuals from the smoke-filled building.

How the Threat of Terrorism has Changed Since 9/11

Now that law enforcement — particularly the FBI — has placed such an emphasis on investigating and thwarting attacks, a complex and costly plan like the one used on 9/11 would come to the attention of some three-letter agency, and the attackers arrested or killed (depending upon where we found them). Consequently, the tactics of the major terrorist organizations have changed.

NYPD Marks 9/11 Anniversary with Twitter Tribute to Fallen First Responders

The NYPD paid tribute to those first responders with a series of Twitter posts—one for each NYPD officer and several others paying tribute to the FDNY and PAPD, as well as for those who died at the Pentagon and in Shanksville (PA) on Flight 93.

New York Officer Dies of 9/11-Related Cancer

Police Officer Kathleen O'Connor-Funigiello died on August 16 as the result of cancer that she developed following her assignment to assist with search and rescue efforts at the World Trade Center site immediately following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

FBI Agent Dies of 9/11-Related Illness

Supervisory Special Agent Brian Crews died as the result of cancer that he developed following his assignment to assist with search and rescue efforts at the World Trade Center site immediately following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

Retired NY Trooper Dies from Exposure to Ground Zero Toxins

Retired State Police Sergeant Charles Salaway, who was assigned to New York City to work on the search and recovery effort at the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks, is the seventh trooper to die from a 9/11-related illness.

Connecticut Trooper Dies from 9/11-Related Cancer

Greene was part of the state police canine unit that was immediately called to assist New York police in searching for bodies among the rubble of the Twin Towers. Greene and his dog spent several days searching through the rubble looking for survivors. That unit is nationally known for its search and rescue abilities.

Head of Atlanta FBI Office Dies from 9/11-Related Illness

SAC David J. LeValley served as the Special Agent in Charge of the Atlanta Division since November 2016 and he previously served as the SAC of Criminal and Cyber Division at the Washington Field Office.