Tactical Body Armor

A selection of the newest ballistic vests designed for high-risk SWAT missions.

Diamondback Tactical

Debuting in 2004, Diamondback Tactical's R.B.V. Predator Ballistic Vest is offered in NIJ level IIIA. The vest features an enlarged and integrated front flap external cummerbund closure and also a low profile front flap pouch for additional carry capacity for a sidearm and ammo. Other highlights include a super reinforced drag handle and adjustable, foam-padded shoulder straps with Dry-Lex lining for increased comfort and moisture wicking. A mesh liner that is breathable and durable provides for extra comfort and reduced weight.  The vest also has side armor plate pockets, communications wire channels, and rigid strength members along the edges of the external cummerbund to prevent sagging.

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First Choice

First Choice features a high speed design with numerous upgrade possibilities. Maximum load-bearing capabilities are afforded with a 360-degree MOLLE attachment system. The vest also comes with an adjustable and removable ballistic collar and throat, and your choice of three different Level IIIA packages—one package compliant with the tough DEA test protocol. Options include telescoping groin, ballistic sleeves, lower back/kidney protector, and Level III or IV plates.   

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MSA Paraclete

The Releasable Assault Vest (RAV) from MSA Paraclete can be removed quickly with a single cut-away handle. This vest's armor components are compliant with NIJ Standard-0101.04, 2005 interim requirements when worn with armor. Other key features include: internal front and back plate pockets, internal side plate pockets, MOLLE/PALS-style pouch compatibility, and a drag strap that is sewn full-length across the vest. The RAV's ballistic performance exceeds the OTV tactical vest fragmentation standards. There is also low-profile shoulder routing for wired communication channels and hydration tubing. A warranty covers ballistic components' workmanship for five years and the outer shell and its components for 18 months.

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Point Blank

Point Blank's Dragon Fire tactical vest has been engineered to meet or exceed Military V50 Specifications for Fragment Simulating Projectile testing. The vest features the industry's only Bicep and Side Closure Plate Pocket Design, which accommodates a variety of plates. The vest's Critical Contour Cut improves weight transfer and provides optimum ballistic coverage while allowing greater range of motion for the wearer. Retractable groin protection with a one-step loop release system allows for quick access during deployment. The tactical body armor system surpasses NIJ Level IIIA standard requirements in that it has been independently tested for both Special Threats and Fragment Simulating Projectile (FSP) threats.  

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Protech's new Fast Attack Vest (FAV) features several innovative built-in components. Approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FAV features adjustable shoulders, a MOLLE closure system, 360-degree modular pouch attachment system, and six built-in long arm magazine pouches. By incorporating multiple and varied protective features, the FAV provides tactical officers and first responders the ability to choose the most effective protection package based on specific threat assessments. Additional options include: yoke protection, ballistic chaps for thigh and femoral artery protection, detachable groin protector, bicep protectors, Level III and IV hard armor plates, and equipment pouches.

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RBR Tactical Armor

Within minutes, the RBR T.A.P.S. allows its wearer to transform from everyday concealed use to a fully tactical system with a lightweight, custom fit body design. It's an armor system ideal for all missions because of its interchangeable ballistic inserts and its soft, custom cut. A ballistic package called the RBR Flex Aramid Armor system is used inside the T.A.P.S. Vest Package. The Flex Aramid system is a Twaron-based ballistic package that combines woven and unidirectional technology. It protects an officer from angled impacts, edge shots, and muzzle contact shots, and meets full US Military Fragmentation testing and NIJ Certification in one Level IIIA Package.

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Safariland Armorwear's new and completely redesigned Raid Vest provides tactical functionality and comfort for officers who work high-threat operations. Features include MOLLE and PacSkin weapon retention points. Custom sizing, adjustable shoulders, and optional fleece lining for cold weather duty provide added comfort. Durable construction with multiple Cordura fabric options, rear officer-down drag strap, and shoulder channels for hydration tubes or communication wires provide reliable performance. An optional pouch kit to carry magazines, radio, cuffs, and expandable baton can be added to the Raid Vest for greater functionality. A wide range of ballistic packages, including RFTech ballistic panels, protects you from everyday street rounds to exotic foreign special threats and fragmentation.

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Savvy Armor's Rush is a comprehensive tactical vest designed specifically for the female tactical law enforcement officer. The Rush is not just a standard tactical vest scaled down. This vest incorporates Savvy's draping technology and then scales the vest to fit even the most petite tactical officers. Draping technology offers excellent side and back coverage. Additional features include back officer-down strap, detachable shoulder strap, front and back MOLLE attachment system, and dual weapon retention system.

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US Armor

The T.A.V. Tactical Assault Vest from U.S. Armor comes with a permanent 500 Denier Cordura cover and is designed for high mobility with balanced ballistic coverage. The front and back of the vest feature 10x12-inch plate pockets. The collar is suited for use with helmets and the vest also features over-the-shoulder ballistic protection. The vest comes in NIJ Level IIIA with the ability to accept and support armor plates providing Level III and Level IV protection against rifles. Options include a fire retardant outer cover, a tactical carry bag, and throat and bicep protection.

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