November 2018

Cover Story

Training the Bomb Hunters

Person-Borne Explosives Detection Dogs can detect explosives being carried on the body of a moving person.


Two Tools for Field Communications

If they don't respond to Ask and Tell, Make them comply, using your full and legal authority to...

Two models may help your field conversations, depending on who you're talking to. Introduce-Explain-Ask is a service-oriented approach for relatively low-stress encounters. For tougher, more volatile situations, you can use Ask-Tell-Make.


Responding to the Active Shooter

Nearly two decades after Columbine there shouldn't be any question as to what we as law enforcement should do in an active shooter situation. We have to respond as safely as possible, grab what we have with us, and stop the killing.


Robots: Remote Control Recon

Photo: Robotex

Technology available to law enforcement agencies has vastly changed how officers conduct operations. And robots are a large part of this advancement.


Guardians in the Sky

A law enforcement UAS, or drone. Photo: Getty Images

Now that the FAA has relaxed its regulations for commercial drone operation by public safety agencies, more and more police departments want to add this tool to their capabilities.