My Technology Can: Help You Recruit More Qualified and Dedicated Officers

Breacher Recruiting’s BreacherCRM software streamlines and simplifies the law enforcement hiring process.

In recent years, the field of law enforcement has experienced a decline in interest, directly impacting agencies across the board. The pool of qualified candidates applying for positions has dwindled, posing a growing challenge in recruiting high-caliber individuals. To address this issue, many agencies are turning to technology as a solution to swiftly augment their staffing levels with suitable candidates who align with their organizational goals.

The Problem

This environment has created a "buyer's market" for those would-be top candidates who have many options to choose from. Many agencies are losing their best candidates during the hiring process to other agencies who can move faster, or offer better incentives. This challenge has led agencies to search for new and innovative ways to not only attract a higher volume of quality candidates—but also move them through their testing and hiring process faster.

One such solution is BreacherCRM, an advanced Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software that streamlines the law enforcement hiring process and connects agencies with top-quality candidates. It combines powerful technology, proven marketing strategies, and data-driven insights to help agencies find and hire the best recruits.

The Solution

BreacherCRM is an all-in-one platform purpose-built for law enforcement agencies. It's my brainchild. I am a 15-year law enforcement veteran, a retired undersheriff, and I am now founder-owner of Breacher Recruiting. Having experienced first-hand the time-consuming and inefficient process of recruiting and hiring, I saw a need for technology that could help agencies manage all phases of attracting, engaging with, and onboarding candidates.

BreacherCRM is designed to be user-friendly for both recruiters and candidates. It offers a plethora of tools—all within one platform:

Customizable recruiting website Social media manager Text messaging Automated candidate pipeline Appointment management Interactive onboarding and online training Form letters and contracts Branded candidate portal

BreacherCRM really stands out with its unique feature, the Ads Launcher. This tool harnesses the potential of digital advertising to amplify recruitment campaigns and attract top-notch candidates. In the past, agencies faced a tough choice when it came to leveraging digital ads: either hire someone internally to handle the complex process or pay a hefty fee to a full-service digital marketing agency. Neither option was ideal.

With Ads Launcher, agencies can effortlessly launch campaigns on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google with just three clicks. Choose from a curated library of ad templates that have proven successful for other agencies. Every detail can be customized and personalized to align perfectly with the agency's brand.

In the world of law enforcement recruitment, decision-makers at all levels, from the recruiters on the ground all the way up to the chief or sheriff, require accurate and insightful data to guide their efforts. Understanding the efficacy of various recruitment strategies, both online and offline, is essential for allocating resources and budget effectively. It's in this space that BreacherCRM unveils another of its features: comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.

BreacherCRM's advanced analytics provide valuable insights into every aspect of the recruitment process. This tool allows agencies to track which strategies are most effective in attracting high-caliber candidates, from online advertisements to offline efforts such as job fairs and promotional flyers. The platform provides real-time data on the recruitment pipeline, showcasing which efforts are most effective at cultivating quality applications.

This data can be broken down further to show the performance of individual campaigns, allowing agencies to understand which efforts are generating the best return on investment. Through these insightful metrics, BreacherCRM empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions, optimizing their recruitment process and ensuring the best utilization of their resources and good stewardship of tax dollars.

Case Study

Like many agencies, the City of San Leandro faced recruiting challenges in 2022. However, in 2023 they embarked on a mission to turn things around. Their initial target was to secure five recruit and two lateral applications per month. Through the effective utilization of our Breacher Recruiting’s technology and through digital advertising, they successfully received a staggering 240 applications and identified 45 qualified candidates within a mere five-month period.

These figures represent an impressive 311% increase in overall applications and a remarkable 643% increase in applicants progressing through the selection process. As an added bonus, they achieved a significant 78% reduction in overall applicant acquisition costs compared to their previous efforts.

Like any emerging technology, it's natural for users to have questions or concerns about BreacherCRM. The platform's creators, including myself, have taken great care to ensure it is user-friendly and secure. Plus, we provide robust, 24/7 live chat and Zoom customer support to assist users with any issues they might encounter.

BreacherCRM can help you simplify your recruitment process. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it's a valuable tool for attracting top-quality candidates and making data-driven decisions.

For those interested in exploring what BreacherCRM has to offer, feel free to schedule a demo, or find further information on their website at BreacherCRM.com.

Adam Wills is the founder of BreacherCRM. He is also a fractional chief marketing officer for several of the public safety industry's most notable brands. Wills is the author of â€śThe Rule of 26 for Public Safety Brands: Three Steps to Doubling Website Revenue.”

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