Four Important Communication Technology Trends For 2015

Cellular convergence and the importance of end-user application guided the development of nearly half of Pryme’s new product introductions for 2015.

The president of Pryme Radio Products and a Wireless World “Top 100 Wireless Technology Expert” says law enforcement should watch for these trends in communications technology.

Convergence Culture

The gap between cellular and two-way radios will continue to close. Many agencies have already started replacing two-way radios with cellular devices for PTT communications. Further, we are seeing that cellphone users are increasingly asking for two-way radio type accessories, while radio users are requesting cellular-style peripherals. It’s a clear indication that these two industries will continue to converge over the next year, which is why almost everything we are making at Pryme is compatible or at least possible for cellular network use

Application over Device

Regardless of it being voice or data, getting the message across effectively will continue to be more important than the device or the network used to transmit it, which are simply facilitators. Mirroring the computer industry, the unique needs of each user and each situation will play an increasingly important role when choosing communication devices. It’s all about the hardware fitting the end-user’s application. This trend, paired with the blending of cellular and two-way, will continue to bring forth unique flavors of two-way/cellular products and apps across both industries.

Cellular convergence and the importance of end-user application guided the development of nearly half of Pryme’s new product introductions for 2015. The new BT-PTT-Mini, a low-cost wireless PTT all-in-one package, turns a smartphone or tablet into a quick and easy PTT device when used with walkie-talkie mobile apps like Zello. The kit also uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, eliminating the need for recharging batteries. Pryme spent two years developing the BTH-300 Bluetooth headset kit with lightweight boom mic or rugged throat mic, which also converts any cellphone-compatible wired audio accessory into a Bluetooth headset and can be dual-paired with a two-way radio and cellphone at the same time—perfect for covert and undercover applications. The new BTH-600 series heavy-duty Bluetooth wireless speaker microphones are water and dust resistant, with a high-capacity battery that can last more than 40 hours on a single charge. This durable speaker mic is also available for use with cellphone and tablet PTT apps, and is currently being considered for use by major telecommunication companies.

Long Live Value

The communications product market is oversaturated with low-end suppliers offering goods at considerably cheaper costs, which can be very tempting to budget-tight agencies. In order to survive, higher-quality manufacturers like Pryme will be pushed to provide customers with added value not available through low-end importers.

Customer service, product customization, professional-grade quality, and the right price are just a few of Pryme’s value propositions that have helped us succeed in an oversaturated market. In addition, Pryme continues to be a Bluetooth leader, with more than 35 open standard Bluetooth products that fit a wide variety of radios and devices, including the newly upgraded BT-M11 Bluetooth adapter. A lot of engineering went into this little device, which features a small, self-contained design that eliminates cable between the radio and adapter with a patent-pending locking mechanism. To date, Pryme holds 37 patents for radio products.

Lastly, making a model debut in 2015 is Pryme’s NEP-BH Ear Bone microphone, a compact, lightweight unit that combines both a speaker and special mic to pick up sound through bone vibrations in the ear canal. The NEP-BH is a perfect fit for security personnel who need to communicate with people outside the system or for users in high-noise environments, as in-ear microphones pick up less background noise.

Data Drive
We are starting to receive a lot of requests for radio adapters for data, not voice; and mics, PTTs, and headsets that can be used with tablets and PCs. Expect to see products meeting those needs very soon. Customers are truly the reason behind all of the new products and upgrades Pryme releases every year.


About Pryme
For nearly 30 years, Pryme Radio Products has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality products to professional users of mobile communications. Pryme is devoted to the two-way radio industry—from public safety and security to healthcare, facilities management, and beyond. All products are designed, engineered and built in-house; Pryme is capable of customizing communication accessories for almost any application or end-user need.

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