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Chief Bill Harvey gives new officers the information they need, as they make the adjustment from an academy dorm room to a police patrol car.

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How to Ruin Your Police Career

Photo courtesy of William Harvey.

You can have a fine career here in Copland and can do so without breaking the rules and ending up in trouble. Each of these lessons learned comes from a true story that had liability and professional repercussions.

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Pittsburgh River Rescue Unit

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

The River Rescue Unit (RRU) responds to suicide attempts on the river, searches for and rescues lost and endangered swimmers, and makes sure boaters aren't breaking the law.

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3 Patrol Maxims to Live By

Photo courtesy of William Harvey.

During your career, you'll hear all too often familiar phrases repeated, some may not be worth repeating but some are lifesavers. I've developed a short list of maxims that good leaders reiterate and young officers should heed.

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Dealing With Police Stress on the Home Front

Photo via Amy McTigue/Flickr.

Police work is one of the most stressful jobs in this country. Day after day, officers see the worst of humanity; absorb the world's negativity; and come home to us. How can we expect this to have no effect on their minds, bodies, and souls? The fact is it does.

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N.J. Parole Board's Sex Offender Management Unit

Sgt. Ryan Andresen conducts a polygraph examination. Photos courtesy of the SOMU.

The New Jersey State Parole Board's Sex Offender Management Unit's sworn officers prevent repeat offenses and help offenders re-enter society with active supervision, the use of GPS ankle bracelets, counseling programs and subsequent arrests for new violations.

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The End of Professional Policing?

Photo courtesy of 401 (K) 2012/Flickr.

Elected officials seeking reforms seem to lack the respect for the men and women of emergency services. As one said recently to me, "There is no difference between a police officer and ditch digger, you are all my servants."

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NYPD's iTheft Division

Photo via Sean MacEntee/Flickr.

When iPhones, iPads or other Apple devices are stolen, detectives with the new unit collect tracking numbers of smartphones and partner with Apple to locate the stolen devices.

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Indiana State Police's Meth Suppression Section

Indiana MSS troopers test chemicals found at a crime scene. Photo courtesy of ISP.

The Indiana State Police's Methamphetamine Suppression Section (MSS) seizes hundreds of meth labs a month. The troopers assigned to the unit encounter plenty of hazardous chemicals, dangerous "shake and bake" meth labs, and children living in meth-cooking environments.

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The Bridge Years

Photo courtesy of William Harvey.

Some of life's little moments may be overlooked but many others have been career-enders. What we must do is fully explain the background disqualifiers so future candidates can make sound decisions.