The home of an Alabama construction executive was targeted and vandalized last week, authorities said, apparently due to his company’s ties to Atlanta’s planned police and fire training center.

Vandals targeted the Birmingham-area home of M. Miller Gorrie, the chairman of Brasfield & Gorrie, which is a primary contractor for the training center set to be built across 85 acres just outside Atlanta city limits in DeKalb County, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of last Friday, according to Thomas Boulware, a police lieutenant in Mountain Brook, AL, located just outside Birmingham. The house, two vehicles and some sculptures on the property were targeted, and police are investigating an initial charge of “harassing communications,” Boulware said. The investigation is active and no arrests have been made.

In an anonymous online blog post, the anti-training center activists claimed responsibility for the vandalism at Gorrie’s house. Referring to the company as “brasfield & buttface,” the group said they vandalized the house with paint and damaged two of Gorrie’s cars, including splashing them “with a gallon of laquer thinner.”

“On the driveway we left a message: c u soon. it’s up to you if we make good on this promise… if your dumb company drops the cop city contract then stylish people like us wouldn’t feel so compelled to visit you ever again,” the post stated, referencing the nickname of “Cop City” that activists have given the project.