Columbus to Pay Deputy Chiefs $300K to Retire Early

Columbus City Council has approved a Columbus Division of Police buyout.

Council approved a buyout of deputy chiefs who have 25 years of experience. Those deputy chiefs can retire early and get a $300,000 payout if they choose to.

Mayor Andrew Ginther said the buyout is worth the tax dollars to change and reform the division of police, ABC6 reports.

"It's up to them (the mayor's office) as far as the dollar amount, who would qualify, etc.," said Council Member Emmanuel Remy, who chairs the Public Safety Committee. "... We're just supporting the chief" in building a new management structure for the Police Division.

Remy said his understanding of the proposal is that the total cost of all buyouts won't exceed $1 million.

If the buyout costs were capped at $1 million, three deputy chiefs each could receive $300,000 payments under such a scenario, the Columbus Dispatch reports.