Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia says he is “amazed” that a murder suspect missed two police officers Friday night after firing his handgun through their windshield at "point-blank range."

"Thank God he did," he said at a Sunday afternoon news conference, referring to the misses, "or it would be a completely different story here."

But the commissioner said he is also amazed that the suspect, now facing charges of first-degree attempted murder after being hit eight times by the officers’ return fire, was on the streets in the first place. In 28 years of police work, he said, he has never seen such gun activity aimed at officers as in the past few months, the Buffalo News reports.

The alleged shooter took off on foot after firing on the officers, he said, while the pair of officers gave chase and apprehended him almost two blocks away. At that point he was shot eight times in the chest, shoulder, side, lower back and thigh. "He is expected to survive," Gramaglia said.

"I have a real issue with the fact that convicted felons on probation or parole are confident enough to pick up a handgun and walk around," Gramaglia said. "This individual was on parole.”