A Houston police officer was shot at a gas station in southeast Houston late Wednesday morning while conducting a traffic stop, police said.

Houston police Chief Troy Finner said the officers were conducting a traffic stop on a suspect who had an active narcotics warrant, ABC13 reports. Once the officers stopped the suspect, they asked him to get out of the car. A few words were exchanged and as the suspect got out of the car he began firing at the officers.

At that point, the officers fired back at the suspect and shot him multiple times. The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Finner said.

One of the officers suffered an injury in the pelvis and a minor injury to the chest.  "Thank God for his ballistic vest and a flashlight," said Chief Finner. "I think it probably saved his life."

The wounded officer is expected to recover.

The other officer involved in the shooting was not injured.