The Baltimore Police Department recently rolled out its new hybrid fleet of high-tech patrol vehicles for 2022.

The department’s latest patrol fleet features 168 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid vehicles. 38 of the vehicles have been delivered. 42 more are expected to be delivered this fall. All 168 vehicles should be in place for the department within the next 18 months. A department spokesperson said more than 300 of Baltimore PD’s vehicles have exceeded their “useful” lifecycle.

The department hopes the hybrid vehicles will decrease downtime, lower overall repair costs, and lower overall fuel costs.

Baltimore PD reported that the new vehicles will allow officers to work more efficiently in a professional and safe environment with increased visibility in the community. In a video announcement about the new fleet, Police Sgt. Craig Taylor said there is upgraded emergency lighting. Upgrades to the emergency sirens allow for more ease in initiating them quickly.

New features in the vehicles include upgraded utilities for officers like tablet and keyboard mounts. The printers, which used to sit on the passenger seat, are now integrated into the center console. There are also enhanced safety features for those in custody like an external-facing seatbelt, allowing the officer to remain outside of the vehicle while adjusting it.