A Philadelphia transit (SEPTA) officer and two women were shot by a suspect in the city's Frankford section Wednesday night. The suspect is dead.

SEPTA identified the officer shot as Ervis Onuzi, 28. He was shot in the stomach, CBS3 reports.

Onuzi has been on the force for three years and remains at Temple University Hospital in stable condition. Onuzi is also a member of the SWAT team.

According to Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp, the incident began when police officers on patrol in the area heard gunshots.

Two civilian women were shot — a 57-year-old and a 42-year-old are both in stable condition.

The patrolling officers then chased the suspect into an apartment building.

Police say the suspect fired shots from the second and third floor of the building at officers. That’s when Officer Onuzi was hit.

Authorities say Onuzi was shot while covering another officer who was being shot at.

According to police, the suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on the second floor of the building. A weapon was recovered.